Our Patients' Authentic Stories

Welcome to Kindstories, a collection of authentic patient voices chronicling their fertility and preservation paths. Each journey carries its own strength. Your story could be the beacon of hope for someone embarking on their own path.  Illuminate the way for others by sharing yours today.

KindStories FAQs

We ask for first names for personalization and last names for internal record-keeping. Note that only your first name will be shared publicly with your story.

Your email address allows us to follow up with you regarding your submission but will not be shared publicly.

Please use the options provided to accurately reflect the treatments you’ve received and any relevant diagnoses. This information provides a comprehensive understanding of your experience and helps inspire current or future patients who may be facing similar challenges.

Share details such as the challenges you faced, the treatment process, and your interactions with the medical team. This offers a complete narrative of your experience.

We welcome all photos but are particularly interested in pictures of you, your partner if applicable, and any that showcase your family-building journey, such as baby photos.

Only if you give us explicit permission by answering “Yes” to this question will you be contacted via email for follow-up or additional sharing opportunities.


Entering your initials grants us permission to share your responses, first name, and submitted photographs publicly on Kindbody’s website.

If a staff member has positively impacted your experience, click on the “Give a Staff Shout-Out” option to formally recognize their efforts.

Shout-outs are collected and regularly shared with our staff to motivate and recognize their exceptional care.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our KindStories Admin at: