Introduction: Alice Lakian, a dedicated employee at Walmart and an aspiring mother, shares her inspiring journey of taking charge of her fertility with Kindbody. Discover how Alice, in her mid-thirties, decided it was the perfect time to explore her options and secure her dream of building a family.

A Desire for Family:

Alice has always harbored a desire for children and a family of her own. As she entered her mid-thirties, the thoughts about her fertility options became more pressing, yet she had put off exploring them. The timing finally felt right for Alice, prompting her to delve into the possibilities available to preserve her fertility.

Discovering Kindbody through Employer Benefits:

Alice’s search led her to Kindbody, a fertility clinic network she discovered through her employer, Walmart. Alice was thrilled to find that egg freezing was included in her benefit offering, a service she hadn’t encountered in past employment benefits. The availability of this option marked a significant step forward in her fertility journey.

Nationwide Accessibility with Kindbody:

Kindbody’s extensive presence across the country played a pivotal role for Alice. The accessibility of their offices meant she could proceed with her plans without putting her entire life on hold. Alice found the egg freezing procedure with Kindbody to be straightforward and easy, which was a reassuring aspect of her experience.

Empowerment through Options:

Alice’s journey with Kindbody has left her feeling more empowered as a single woman in the business world. The knowledge that she has secured options for her future, especially when it comes to building a family, has brought her a sense of security and confidence. Alice can now focus on her career with the reassurance that she has taken steps to preserve her fertility.


Alice’s experience with Kindbody illustrates the empowerment that comes with having fertility options. With the support of Kindbody and the benefits offered by her employer, Walmart, Alice has taken a proactive step towards securing her dream of having a family. Her story is a testament to the importance of accessibility to fertility services, and the peace of mind it brings to women looking to build a family in the future.

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