Egg Freezing

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Egg freezing cycles are just 5k through the end of the year (20% off the normal price). You can secure the special price with a 10% deposit. You'll then have 60 days to complete your payment - so you can cycle when you're ready.

How egg freezing works

One egg freezing cycle takes around two weeks from the day you start medication to your egg retrieval. It’s important to note that two or more cycles may be needed for enough eggs to be retrieved. Since everyone’s individual experience is unique, the specific days included below are averages.

Step One

Fertility Assessment

You will start off with a fertility assessment, which includes a blood test for fertility related hormones, an ultrasound of your ovaries, a medical history review, and a personalized plan for your next steps.

You can also do the fertility assessment as a stand-alone service ($200), and have the cost credited to your cycle, if you choose to move forward.

Step Two

Personalized Plan

Once your results are returned, a certified reproductive endocrinologist will recommend a personalized plan. A few more tests may be recommended before beginning the stimulation process.

Your fertility care team will help you understand how to administer the at-home hormone injections involved in the stimulation process.

Step Three
(Day 1-13)

Stimulation Process

You’ll be giving yourself small at-home hormone injections to stimulate your ovaries, so they can grow more eggs.

Throughout this protocol - usually 10-14 days - you’ll come in for regular scans and blood tests to monitor your response to the drugs and adjust your dosage as necessary.

When your hormones and follicles are at the right levels, a fertility specialist will provide you with a trigger injection, which allows your eggs to complete maturation and start the ovulation process. This happens about 36 hours before your egg retrieval.

Step Four
(Day 14)

Egg Retrieval

You’ll be sedated for about 10-15 minutes while a physician collects your eggs. You may be a little sore afterward, but the majority of women resume normal activities the next day.

Your retrieved eggs will be evaluated and cryopreserved by an embryologist the same day.

The price of the cycle will increase to $6200 in January 2019. We also offer the ability to pay via a payment pan of $200 a month.

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