Clinic: Silicon Valley
Kindbody Doctor: Lynn Westphal
Conditions: Advanced Maternal Age
Treatments:  Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing, IUI, IVF
Members of the LGBTQ Community


At Kindbody, we’re dedicated to making your journey to parenthood exceptional. Today, we’re thrilled to share a touching testimonial from Holly, one of our patients, highlighting the exceptional care she and her partner, Erica, received during their time with us.

Dr. Jackman: Empowering Education and Support

“I loved working with Dr. Jackman. She offered educational support and has an electric personality.”

Holly and Erica had the privilege of working with Dr. Jackman, a cornerstone of our team. Dr. Jackman provides not only medical expertise but also empowers patients with knowledge. Her vibrant personality and dedication ensure every patient, including Holly and Erica, feels informed and confident in their fertility journey.

Personalized Relationships with Cassie and Lori

“I really appreciate the personalized relationship offered by our ultrasound tech Cassie and our phlebotomist Lori.”

Beyond medical professionals, our team members like Cassie and Lori forge personalized bonds with patients. These connections create a warm, reassuring environment that enhances the overall experience for couples like Holly and Erica.

Nurse Roxanne: Supportive and Responsive Care

“Our nurse Roxanne was very supportive and responsive.”

Nurse Roxanne plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting patients. Her unwavering support and responsiveness make her an invaluable resource during the journey for couples like Holly and Erica.

Advice for New Journey Starters

“Expect the process to be longer than you imagined but know that the journey is worth the outcome. Try your best to have patience and visualize your baby in your arms to get you through the tough times.”

As you embark on your own journey, take inspiration from Holly and Erica’s words of wisdom. While the path may be longer than anticipated, the ultimate outcome is worth every step. Patience and envisioning your future with your baby can help you navigate the challenges along the way.

Conclusion: A Journey Enriched by Personal Connections

At Kindbody, we believe in personalized care and genuine connections. We’re grateful to Holly, Erica, and all our patients for sharing their experiences, inspiring us to continue providing exceptional care to those on their journey to parenthood.

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