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We offer full conception care including third-party services to help streamline your family-building journey. 

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All people of all genders and sexual orientations have family building options, and we’re here to make sure that you know all of your options to fit your goals. From IUI and IVF to Third-Parties and Screenings, we’ve got you covered.

Fertility Consultation (Virtual)

A virtual consultation for those looking to build a family as a same-sex couple or individual, possibly utilizing donor sperm and IUI,  reciprocal IVF or donor embryo, donor egg, and or working with a gestational surrogate. The consultation will include an overview of options, outlining a possible treatment plan and will conclude with clear next steps.



Meet some of the couple and families whom we have had the pleasure of helping to build.

Kate and Lamya

Kate always knew she wanted to have children with her partner Lamya, and as a same-sex couple, they also knew they needed donor sperm. After finding the right donor through a sperm bank, they worked with Dr. Angie Beltsos, Kindbody’s CEO and Clinical and Reproductive Endocrinologist, to help complete their family.

Sergio and Juan

Sergio and Juan worked with Eos to help them pick the perfect donor, and streamline the path to path parenthood. Parenthood is possible with the help and experience of KindEOS, Kindbody’s third party program offering donor egg, embryo and gestational carrier services.

Treatment Options Popular with Female Patients and Couples
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) involves directly placing sperm (often donor sourced) inside a uterus which has been clinically optimized for conception through careful tracking of a cycle and medication.

IUI is a popular treatment for single and same-sex coupled women whose workups indicate they are in good health and capable of becoming pregnant and carrying a pregnancy. 

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Reciprocal IVF

Reciprocal IVF involves one partner going through the process of stimulation of their eggs for retrieval, their eggs then being joined with sperm (often donor sperm) in a lab, and the resulting embryos being transferred into the uterus of the other partner who is medically capable of carrying a pregnancy.

Reciprocal IVF is a specialized treatment option for same-sex female or trans included couples who desire to a more mutually involved start to parenthood. 

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IVF with Donor Sperm

The IVF process with donor sperm requires the additional step of procuring a sperm donor from vetted and reputable sources. The donor sperm is combined with the egg source by an embryologist in a lab to create embryos. After appropriate testing, the selected embryos are then transferred into the uterus of the carrying mother or gestational carrier.

IVF with donor sperm is a more advanced treatment option, often used by same-sex female or single female patients who may have additional medical barriers to conception via IUI or by hetero infertility with male factor infertility.

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Embryo Transfer with Donated Embryo

Thousands of IVF patients find they have remaining embryos after they have completed their own family goals. A modest portion of families who find themselves in this unexpected situation feel inspired to “pay forward” their luck and offer their embryos to others who are still struggling to conceive. For the recipient parent(s), building their family via donated embryos provides a dramatic advancement in the timeline and process of traditional IVF steps.

Donated embryo is a third-party treatment option open to all patients but recommended to those who are unconcerned with a genetic connection with their child, as well as comfortable with the unique considerations and future navigations this family-building option will present. 

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Treatment Options Popular with Male Patients and Couples
Donor Egg 

Donor egg is a third-party treatment option which is a tool that is just as often utilized by hetero couples with conception challenges, same-sex male couples, and single men. KindEOS, Kindbody’s third-party program, offers both fresh and frozen donor egg options designed to provide a dramatic improvement to conception outcomes.

Donor egg is a treatment option for same-sex male couples, single males, and infertility patients. Your provider may assist you in considering whether to use a frozen or fresh donor based on your individual circumstance.

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Gestational Surrogacy 

Gestational surrogacy, or working with a gestational carrier, is a treatment option for same-sex male couples, single men, women, and hetero couples with known genetic, trauma, medical, or extreme lifestyle barriers related to pregnancy.

A gestational surrogacy arrangement involves a qualified and thoroughly vetted and screened woman carrying the pregnancy and delivering the child for the parents. This is a partnership, a working relationship which demands expert navigation and optimization to protect the respected interests of the parents, the surrogate, as well as the health and safety of all involved.

Gestational surrogacy is a specialized third-party, family-building tool that Kindbody is now directly supported through our KindEOS surrogacy program. 


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KindEOS: Our In-house Third-Party Program

Fresh and Frozen Donor Egg
Donor Embryo
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