Clinic: St. Louis
Kindbody Doctor: Dr. Julie Rhee
Conditions: Infertility, PCOS
Treatments:  Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing, IVF, Embryo Donation

The Challenge Ahead

Kadie’s statement, “Finally getting that ‘yes’ made all the tears worthwhile,” captures the essence of the emotional rollercoaster many couples face when trying to conceive. Kadie and Mark were no strangers to this challenge. With Kadie’s PCOS diagnosis, they knew the road to parenthood would be a rocky one.

Seeking the Best Care in St. Louis

Determined not to give up, the couple embarked on a journey to find the best fertility assistance available in the St. Louis area. Their quest led them to the highly-recommended Dr. Julie Rhee.

A Ray of Hope with Dr. Rhee

From the first meeting, it was evident that Dr. Rhee understood their anxieties. Witnessing a young and healthy couple, eager to start their family, she meticulously reviewed their tests and evaluated their circumstances. With her guidance, Kadie and Mark embarked on the most promising path towards their dream.

The Moment of Joy

May 29th will forever be etched in their memories. On this day, the much-anticipated call came through. Kadie recalls the nervous excitement, “We went in for the blood test. Seeing Dr. Rhee’s name pop up on my phone made my heart race. But the next voices I heard were the jubilant nurses exclaiming, ‘You are pregnant!’ It was the best call ever. The joy of that moment, the realization of our dreams, made all our past struggles worth it.”

Shedding Light on Infertility

Kadie’s experience has instilled in her a desire to uplift others going through similar struggles. “I want to share my story so that others do not feel alone. Infertility can feel isolating. Many women battle this alone, and it’s challenging. By raising awareness, we hope others realize they are not alone.”

A Gift of Love

Today, the couple is blessed with two children. Demonstrating their continued commitment to helping others, they have decided to donate some of their remaining embryos. They hope that this act will give others the chance at the incomparable joy of parenthood.

In their story, Kadie and Mark remind us that while the path to parenthood may be filled with hurdles, the end result makes every tear, every anxious moment, worth it.

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