Clinic: Minneapolis
Kindbody Doctor: Dr. Fabiola Balmir
Treatments: IVF, Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing
Condition: Infertility, Combined Factor Infertility, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Employee Member

Third Time’s a Charm: How Kindbody and Dr. Balmir Turned Our Fertility Journey Into a Family Dream Come True

“At Kindbody, the third clinic we tried, we successfully welcomed our miracle baby. It took us three years, two miscarriages, one failed round of IVF with a different clinic, but we welcomed her on May 17. Starting our journey with Kindbody felt immediately different than the other clinics. It felt warm and welcoming, and less clinical. Dr. Balmir was kind and empathetic and made both me and my husband feel like real people and not science experiments. I looked forward to my appointments for the first time because I felt like we were making progress. My transfer experience was so different from our first clinic. The staff and care team assuaged all fears and calmed all anxieties, and we left feeling hopeful and hopeful and with a positive feeling in our hearts. The transfer with Kindbody worked and we are so thankful to Kindbody for giving us the family we dreamed of.”

Advice For Other Patients

“My advice for other patients, don’t be afraid to seek a second (or third) opinion, be patient, and trust your heart.”

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