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You can find a list of our Kindbody Signature Clinics at kindbody.com/locations. You can also access information on our 400+ partner locations on your patient portal once you’ve activated your account. If you have questions or need assistance in activating your account, please contact Kindbody at employeebenefits@kindbody.com to be connected to a care coordinator.

Begin by going to Get Started and creating your Kindbody account. Enter your email as well as your Access Code and Unique ID (provided by your HR team) to activate and learn more about your benefit.

If you are in the middle of treatment when your Kindbody coverage begins, you will continue to be covered under your current plan. If you commence fertility treatment after the benefit launch date, you will be covered under Kindbody’s benefit program.

If you have specific questions about your transition of care to your new benefit, please reach out to employeebenefits@kindbody.com.

If you have maxed out your employer-sponsored coverage, you can continue to obtain services from Kindbody at discounted rates. If you are no longer eligible for the Kindbody benefit (e.g. you are no longer employed at your same employer) you will be responsible for the cost of your treatment and/or the annual storage fee at Kindbody cash-pay rates. If you have questions about the cost, please review your Member Guide or reach out to our Care Navigation team.

If you are eligible for Kindbody benefits through your employer, you have a wide variety of services to choose from that include routine gynecology and wellness (nutrition, life coaching, and more) offerings that are often used by members not seeking family-building services. Even if you are not looking to start a family today, we highly recommend coming in for a fertility assessment to learn more about your body. At Kindbody, we believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to knowing your fertility health so that you can plan for options down the road.

Activate your benefit in order to access the full suite of both family-building and wellness services available.

Kindbody’s mission is to make family building a reality for everyone - regardless of sexual orientation, relationship status, or gender identity. Therefore, we support all paths to parenthood including adoption, donor and surrogacy. We provide support and counseling for your unique family-building needs.

For support in registering your Kindbody account or additional questions, email employeebenefits@kindbody.com. If you prefer a member of our team to contact you, fill out this form.

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