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Now accepting most major insurance plans for NY. Email navigator@kindbody.com for questions on your specific coverage.

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Kindbody's mission is to make women's healthcare more accessible for all with a national network of clinics. Come find us in a city near you.

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Fertility Services

Our general Fertility Assessment is intended for women looking to learn more about their fertility health. It involves a 1:1 consultation with a fertility specialist, a blood test for key markers of your fertility, a vaginal ultrasound of your ovaries, a medical history review, and a personalized plan for your next steps.

Well-Women Membership

Ready to take control of your health and wellness beyond fertility? Our Well-Woman Membership is way for you to access our full suite of women’s health and wellness services. All for $120 a year.

Employer Benefits

We’re doing everything we can to make our services more accessible than ever before, and we know employers have a big role to play. Consumers have been giving us NPS scores over 80 since day 1, and employers all over the country are now signing on to offer Kindbody as a benefit.

Community Events

It’s our mission to broaden the conversation around women’s health and fertility. We aim to make information more accessible and approachable. Our community event programming gives you the opportunity to get more informed about your health and fertility in an intimate, welcoming setting.

Kind Words from Our Patients

Kind Words from Our Patients

"Amazing, thoughtful, friendly staff who really care about me and are willing to explain everything, no matter how many times I've asked before. This clinic/group of people have been instrumental in me surviving/functioning while on the fertility journey. Can't recommend them enough!"

- Katie G.