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Egg donors help make the dream of parenthood possible for others. It only takes a few moments to see if you may qualify to earn $8,000 as an egg donor with our program built on education and empowerment.

Egg Donor Requirements

Prospective egg donors must meet specific medical, genetic, and lifestyle criteria to be accepted into our KindEos egg donor program. These requirements are set to protect the well-being of the donors, provide intended parents with optimized conception outcomes and to help ensure the health of any children born from the donation. KindEos is committed to upfront mention of all criteria as well as duplicative confirmation of all reported information.

These are a few of our program requirements:

  • Healthy, BMI <= 30
  • Age 21-31
  • Tobacco, vaping, drug & STD free
  • Normal pap smear (per ACOG guidelines)
  • USA citizen and resident
  • USA driver’s license
  • College degree preferred, minimum of high school diploma

Looks like you might qualify? Take a few moments to take our prescreen.

Become an Egg Donor

Is Donating Eggs Worth It?

Donating eggs requires more than just an hour or two of your time. The process requires multiple doctor’s appointments, a series of medical testing and screenings. Is the effort worth it?

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The Egg Donor Process and FAQs With Dr. Kari Von Goeben

Learn about who you would be helping and what the donation process involves, including the preparation, cycle side effects and the actual egg retrieval, all in less than 2 minutes.

Egg Donor Process and FAQs With

Dr. Kari Von Goeben


15 FAQs From Potential Egg Donors

You may have a few questions about the process before you decide to become an egg donor. It’s important that potential donors do their due diligence before signing up, which is why we’ve compiled the following egg donation FAQs.

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KindEOS egg donor basic process overview

Curious about what egg donation involves? The section below highlights the main steps.


Complete Prescreen

Getting started is quick and easy with our short, online prescreen application which most are able to complete in less than 10 minutes.


Complete Your Application

If you pass the prescreen, you will be encouraged to complete your full application. Doing so as soon as you are granted access is recommended to help launch your journey. This usually takes at least 45 minutes and involves answering medical and family history questions as well as uploading some photos.


View Donor Webinar

The next step is to view the egg donor webinar, which will help you better understand all that the process involves.


Call With Coordinator

After you view the webinar, we will scheduled a call with your Coordinator who will assist you through each step.


Legal Consult

Candidates complete a legal consultation to review current and future legal implications and disclosure considerations of egg donation. This empowers KindEOS donors with comprehensive knowledge of the legal aspects of their genetic donation at the onset of the evaluation process, giving them the confidence to proceed as an KindEOS egg donor. Candidates who elect to move forward will complete legal agreements with support of their legal counsel.


Psychological Counseling

Candidates will speak with a licensed mental health professional for a clinical interview and personality assessment, ensuring that candidate is in a health place for donation and ensuring long-term comfort with the choice of being an egg donor.


Medical Evaluation & Genetic Screening

Candidates schedule a one hour onsite Kindbody office location appointment to have their blood drawn (for genetic screening, infectious diseases, toxicology screening and hormonal levels) and also receive a transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate ovarian health. Candidates schedule a virtual telehealth consultation with a genetic counselor to review a comprehensive third-generation family medical genetic history and understand their genetic test results.


Kindbody Physician Consultation and Physical Examination

Candidates schedule an onsite or virtual telehealth Kindbody physician consultation and onsite physical examination (approximately 1 hour) at one of our Kindbody clinic locations.


Approved to Donate

Once approved to donate, donors follow the medical calendar provided to them by their clinic nurse and begin reporting in every morning for about two weeks to monitor their body's reaction to the assigned medications.

The Medical Phase of Egg Donation

Once officially cleared to donate, the generalized steps below will be tailored to your individual journey. All cycle treatments will be provided at one of the Kindbody clinic or IVF lab locations, and you will also continue to receive resources and support throughout the egg donor process from our KindEOS team.

Step 1:

Preparation for Ovarian Stimulation

To prepare your body for the ovarian stimulation treatment cycle you may be placed on a birth control treatment or up to one month.

Step 2:

Ovarian Stimulation and Monitoring

Because a woman’s natural monthly cycle typically produces a single egg, donors receive a series of injections to deliver fertility hormones that increase the number of eggs that reach maturation.

Regular monitoring (blood tests and ultrasound) is essential to track egg development and hormone levels. Ovarian stimulation concludes with a hormone injection (or trigger shot) to initiate the final stage of egg maturation.

Step 3:

Egg Retrieval Procedure

The next step in the egg donor process is a (15-20 minute) egg retrieval (scheduled ~36 hours after your trigger shot). Prior to your procedure, KindEOS offers donors acupuncture services to relieve anxiety and achieve optimal circulation for egg development. During egg retrieval, the patient is placed under sedation for comfort.

Step 4:

Follow Up Care

What to Expect – You will spend approximately 30-60 minutes waking up from anesthesia in our recovery area and will likely be a little groggy. Just before being discharged a clinical team member will review post procedure instructions and give you a care package to take home. Your IVF nurse will call you the day after your procedure to check-in and see how you are recovering. Some donors experience spotting, bloating, and mild discomfort after a retrieval. Most patients are fully recovered within one or two days.

Wellness Evaluation – Approximately 1-2 weeks after your retrieval, you will have a post-donation wellness screening to review your overall health at one of the Kindbody clinic locations.

Step 5:

Repeat Donations

The actual process of a retrieval takes about 20 minutes, during which you will be sedated. Most egg donors take about two days to recover by taking it easy at home and feel entirely back to normal by their next cycle.

In most cases, KindEOS encourages all egg donors who are open to the idea to consider multiple donations. Speak with your Coordinator about your full view plan of how to make multiple donations work for your schedule.

We compensate our egg donors with $8,000 the first time they donate. Moreover, for every subsequent egg donation, we increase our compensation by $500. As such, if you donate a second time, you’ll earn $8,500 and if you donate a third time, you’ll earn $9,000.

This means that you can make as much as $10,500 your sixth time (and last time) you donate. When all is said and done, if you donate six times, you can earn a total of $55,500.

Absolutely, we love working with experienced donors and will compensate you an additional $500 for each successful previous donation cycle you have completed.
Generally, KindEOS egg donors need to be young, healthy, stable, informed, and committed. More specifically, we are looking for women in their twenties, with a BMI of 30 or less, who are nonsmokers, and know, with reasonable detail, your own health history as well as your family’s. Donors also need to be comfortable with the realities of egg donation, namely the idea that their donation will help another family have a child.

Taking medication is not an absolute disqualifier. We encourage you to be upfront and honest about all health conditions and medications. Most circumstances require specific consideration; yours may as well.

Yes, and you will work with a licensed attorney whose job it will be to ensure that you fully understand all that you are committing to.

No. there is no evidence that donation will harm your fertility and it certainly does not cause harm to your egg reserve. That said, egg donors deserve an increase in the research conducted on long term results. If you are interested in peer reviewed research on the matter, we are happy to provide you with direction!
  • Most egg donor programs in the USA recruit women to donate for a fresh cycle, this results in donors waiting around for months at a time, with the possibility of never moving forward, never actually donating, and thus never actually earning income. With KindEOS, if you are accepted, we do not ask you to wait around, we proceed immediately to cycle for a frozen donation, to be considered by future, prospective parents.
  • KindEOS is also very particular about education and informed experience for our donors. We have heightened standards for mental health, genetics and patient advocacy. We see our donors as partners who are helping us solve the challenges of our patients.
  • Unlike most other donor programs, KindEOS donors know up front which clinic and doctor network they will be working with. When you apply to donate with most egg banks or agency programs, donors have no say or idea which clinic or doctor network they will be working with. This can result in you dealing with varying levels of professionalism and specialization. KindEOS donors have the benefit of working exclusively with the world-class doctors at Kindbody.

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Pausing your family-building treatment to locate and independently vet an outsource egg donor, embryo, or gestational carrier can be a frustrating and grueling experience, often wasting precious time and dollars.  As important as egg, embryo, and gestational carrier standards are to conception outcomes, access to thoroughly screened and clinic pre-approved options saves Kindbody patients.