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It's time to offer a fertility benefit.

Today, 20% of women have their first child after 35

1 in 8 of couples (1 in 3 over 35) struggle to conceive

9 of 10 employees with fertility issues will switch jobs for coverage

It's time to increase retention and recruitment.

9 of 10 employees with fertility issues are willing to switch jobs for fertility coverage

73% of employees report they are more grateful to their employer

68% of millennials consider fertility coverage when choosing an employer

Fertility benefits, direct from the source.

Tech Enabled

• First true online scheduling tool in fertility industry • Proprietary EMR for visibility and quality control • Visualization and contextualization of results

Continuity of Care

• Navigation from pre-treatment to return to work • Consolidation of fertility, gynecology, and wellness • On-site educational events and support

Accessible Pricing

• Bundled & predictable pricing • Discount off retail prices, already 30% below average • Negotiate directly with provider; no middleman markup

We've done this before

Employers have asked for

• Direct-to-provider contracting
• More accessible pricing
• Better member experience
• Continuity of care