Clinic: New York
Kindbody Doctors: Dr. Aimee Seungdamrong and Dr. Nicole Browne
Conditions: Endometriosis, Infertility, Unexplained infertility
Treatments: IUI, IVF, Preimplantation Embryo Genetic Testing

From Heartbreak to Joy: Jennifer and Obi’s Four-Year Quest for Parenthood with Kindbody

“Our journey to having our son took about 4 years and of course like so many others was filled with highs and lows.

I got pregnant on my own in 2018 but that unfortunately ended in miscarriage. After another year of trying unsuccessfully on our own we reached out to Kindbody for help.

I underwent 3 IUIs (one successful but ended in miscarriage again) before switching gears to IVF. It was a grueling emotional and physical journey, but I felt lucky to have a clinic that helped me create a plan that would lead to the best possible outcome and in October 2022 we welcomed our baby boy! There were so many decisions that had to be made a long the way and each one felt like the most important life altering one. Kindbody guided us the entire time and made the process feel a little less hard!”

Thoughts on Kindbody

“Kindbody made what could have been a cold clinical experience more nurturing and personal. They were always willing to answer questions, were our biggest cheerleaders and also compassionate when we dealt with heartbreak along the way.”

Advice For Other Patients

“Know you aren’t alone and that each and every feeling you have is valid and ok. This journey is long and there were times I didn’t think we would get our baby and even now that he’s here it is so surreal. Find your support people during the process, that is critical!”

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