Clinic: Washington, D.C.
Conditions: Advanced Maternal Age, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Unexplained infertility
Treatments:  Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Support: Kindbody Support Groups
Members of LGBTQ Community

Below, Briana generously shares her heartfelt journey in her own words below, detailing her experience with Kindbody and the path to building her family. We are deeply thankful to her for opening up about her personal story.

Introduction: A Dream in the Making

For over ten years, my wife and I harbored a dream – to build our family. It’s been a path filled with hope, setbacks, and numerous treatments, including four rounds of IUI and two rounds of IVF. Despite these efforts, success remained elusive until we found Kindbody.

Finding Hope with Kindbody

Our journey took a turn when Kindbody opened its doors in DC. Inspired by other success stories and after another disappointing round at a different clinic, we decided to entrust our hopes to Kindbody. The decision felt right, like we had finally found our place.

A Personalized Approach: Feeling Heard and Cared For

From our first consult at Kindbody, we felt heard. Every staff member, from the front desk to the back office, showed genuine care. Particularly pivotal was our decision to undergo a myomectomy and later, the ERA and ReceptivaDX tests – steps that other clinics hadn’t suggested but which Kindbody recommended considering our unique situation.

Turning Point: Trusting the Process and Team at Kindbody

Our journey with Kindbody was filled with emotional highs and lows. We faced the challenging reality of having just one viable embryo after testing. Yet, the support and guidance of the Kindbody team never wavered. They were with us at every step, offering hope and expertise.

The Final Stretch: Our Path to Pregnancy

The final embryo transfer was a moment filled with mixed emotions, especially since we were aware this could be our last chance. The Kindbody team’s expertise and reassurance were invaluable. Waiting for the results was agonizing, but their constant support made the process bearable.

Gratitude and Reflections: Our Success and Kindbody’s Role

Now, at 15 weeks pregnant, we look back with immense gratitude. This journey wasn’t just about the treatments but about finding a team who listened and understood us. Kindbody wasn’t just a clinic; it was a partner in our journey, a beacon of hope.

Closing Thoughts: A Message of Hope and Appreciation

To those still on their journey to parenthood, know that finding the right team and clinic makes a world of difference. We are a testament to the miracles that can happen when you’re in the right hands. Our heartfelt thanks go to Kindbody – for not just their medical expertise but for their unwavering support and understanding.

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