Clinic: New York
Kindbody Doctor: Dr. Nicole Browne
Conditions: Fibroids
Treatments: IUI
Members of LGBTQ Community

Fibroids to Fertility Success with Kindbody.

“When we first embarked on our journey to conceive, I was diagnosed with fibroids that I was initially told weren’t a concern. However, within just four months, they had grown to a size that necessitated surgical removal to enable a full-term pregnancy. Following a successful Open Myomectomy, I recovered over the summer but was blindsided during a follow-up appointment to learn that the surgery had resulted in blocked fallopian tubes. After exploring several fertility clinics in New York without feeling comfortable, we discovered Kindbody. From that moment on, our fertility journey took a turn for the better, and the rest is history!”

Thoughts on Kindbody

“When it comes to starting something so important while being Black and Lesbian, Kindness & sincerity goes a long way. Feeling comfortable and handled well is one of the top priorities and it’s exactly how we felt from the consolation to the 10 week appointment. This is from the receptionist to the team behind the clinic. It’s a plus that they were all women!”

Advice For Other Patients

“Be open-minded, optimistic and trust the process. Everyone has your best interest at Kindbody, ask questions if you’re confused about anything and remain as stress-free as possible. I took part in yoga, meditation, naps and everything else that put my mind, body and spirit at ease. We didn’t overthink or worry and believed everything will work out for the greatest good. This helped a lot!

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