Kindbody's Suite of Virtual Services

Care when you need it.

Our virtual services offer end-to-end family-building support, as well as support for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and well-being.

Our Virtual Suite of Services
Our virtual services offer end-to-end family-building support, as well as for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and well-being.
Fertility Consultation
This 60 minute virtual session with a fertility specialist
is for those looking to better understand their fertility
from the comfort of their home. We’ll discuss the fertility
fundamentals and a plan for your fertility journey.

Insurance Copay ($150 Out-of-Pocket)

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Nutrition Consultation
This virtual coaching session covers nutrition, stress
management, and exercise related to your reproductive health
goals or diagnoses. The 60 minute session is tailored to your
needs, with the goal of creating a plan that works for you.

$200 Out-of-Pocket

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Wellbeing Coaching
A 60 minute video session designed to open your energy channels,
strengthen communication with yourself, and restore your inner
peace. Through meditation and energy healing, you will be guided
on a journey of release and restoration.

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Doula Consultation
A virtual birth prep session with a certified doula to
help you prepare for pregnancy. In this 60 minute
session, you will be supported on a spiritual, mental,
emotional, and physical level to help you prepare for a
successful birth.

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A 60 minute virtual session offering support and guidance
for life transitions and stressful events, including fertility
treatment, pregnancy, postpartum, identity issues, career,
anxiety, depression, relationships or parenting. We will
prioritize what you want to cover, at your own pace.

$200 Out-of-Pocket

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Acupuncture Package
This package includes an initial video consultation with a licensed
acupuncturist, a personalized self-acupuncture kit sent to your home,
and a 60 minute follow-up session. Each acupuncture kit includes a one month supply of herbal pain relief patches, cupping set, and ear seeds.

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Return-to-Work Coaching
This virtual session will help you work through the
barriers and blocks that may be getting in the way as
you return following maternity or paternity leave. We’ll
discuss topics like time management, balance, imposter
syndrome, fear, self-doubt, and more.

$160 Out-of-Pocket

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Guided Meditation
A virtual guided meditation designed to help you release
stored emotions, physical discomforts, and other energetic
blocks. This 20 minute session is structured to flow with a
familiar rhythm while allowing space for your present needs
and encouraging deep exploration and healing.

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3rd Party Consultation
Surrogate & Egg Donor. This 60 minute virtual session with
a fertility navigator is designed for any individuals or couples
contemplating using an egg donor and/or surrogate. It will
help you understand what questions to ask, what to consider
and how to pursue your next steps. LGBTQ+ welcome.

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Physical Therapy
A personalized video session with an orthopedic and pelvic
health physical therapist. This 60 minute session will help if
you are pregnant or postpartum, experiencing pain anywhere
in your body, having bladder or bowel troubles, pain with sexual
activity, or recovering from a more involved delivery.

$200 Out-of-Pocket

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Lactation Consultation
A virtual consultation with a lactation specialist. This 60 minute
session is designed to facilitate your breastfeeding goals from the
comfort of your home. This session is for you if breastfeeding is
painful, milk supply is a concern, infant weight gain is not optimal,
or your baby is having trouble with feedings.

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