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It only takes a few moments to see if you may qualify to earn $50,000+ as a gestational carrier with our program built on education and empowerment.

Gestational Carrier Requirements

Prospective gestational carriers must meet specific medical, genetic, and lifestyle criteria to be accepted into our KindEOS surrogacy program. These requirements are set to protect the well-being of the surrogates, provide intended parents with optimized conception outcomes, and to help ensure the health of any children born from the donation. KindEOS is committed to upfront mention of all criteria as well as duplicative confirmation of all reported information.

These are a few of our program requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 40
  • Have at least one child of her own
  • Have had no more than 5 vaginal deliveries or 3 cesarean sections
  • Have no history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Have private health insurance
  • Be a non-smoker

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KindEOS' Mindful Matching™

KindEOS’ Mindful Matching™ strategy means our surrogates and are not thoughtlessly paired with the intended parents next on the wait list.  Instead, considerable effort is invested to strategically match our surrogate with the right intended parents.

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What is Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is when a woman carries a pregnancy for intended parents. The child carried is not genetically related to the carrier, as the intended parents create their own embryos with the help of fertility specialists.

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“I had a dream for years to become a surrogate. KindEOS took the time to schedule a phone call and walk me through what being a surrogate looked like…. If you’re looking for an agency that cares about you, this is the one!”

Erica, KindEOS Gestational Surrogate

“This has been such a whirlwind and incredible journey. I couldn’t have done it without the team at KindEOS. Surrogacy is complex process but KindEOS has managed each step and supported me the entire way.”

Lacy, KindEOS Gestational Surrogate

“The guidance with everything has been amazing. The KindEOS staff has been extremely helpful every step of the way. And perhaps best of all, they matched me with my incredible intended parents, whom are awesome.”

Sara, KindEOS Gestational Surrogate

Surrogate compensation is bundled and presented differently by nearly every surrogacy program, so it can be tricky as an applicant to compare and consider apples to apples. As an easy reference, our base compensation for surrogates is $50,000+ with additional benefits specific to your journey.

We devote all of our time and energy into gaining a 360° understanding of both you and the intended parents. The thoroughness of our vetting process is what sets us apart.

We will begin our search for a potential match based on the preferences you provide us during the screening process and compare them to the ones of our intended parents. When a match is found, we exchange biographical information with you and the intended parents to determine if you would like to take the next step and meet.

KindEOS will set up a match meeting between you, your significant other (if applicable), and the intended parents that is facilitated by an independent licensed clinical psychologist (Psy.D.). You will discuss topics pertaining to your potential match (e.g. relationship, communication preferences, termination, selective reduction, surrogacy expectations, etc); all to ensure both parties are in agreement and have a connection with each other. After the meeting, you and your intended parents will come to a mutual decision whether to move forward together.

With nearly 30 years of experience and personalized matching, let KindEOS make your first match the best match!

We ask that surrogate be able to commit make a 15-18 month commitment to KindEOS. Surrogacy is an involved process with medical and legal considerations, which are not always within the control of the parties. Surrogacy is not a “quick way to earn money. It is in fact a very slow way to do so. No two journeys are the same so it is a bit difficult to generalize.

KindEOS abides by the guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the fertility centers with whom we work. We go above and beyond their guidelines to ensure a safe journey for you, your family, and the intended parents.

KindEOS Services

Pausing your family-building treatment to locate and independently vet an outsource egg donor, embryo, or gestational carrier can be a frustrating and grueling experience, often wasting precious time and dollars.  As important as egg, embryo, and gestational carrier standards are to conception outcomes, access to thoroughly screened and clinic pre-approved options saves Kindbody patients.