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Why Preconception Testing Matters

December 16, 2021

You finally did it. You took a deep breath and scheduled a visit with a fertility specialist. You are ready to go! And suddenly, you have a laundry list of […]

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Fighting Breast Cancer at 32

October 28, 2021

By: Renee Coakley (Kindbody Atlanta) Growing up, there were always clubs everyone wanted to join. These clubs could be based on hobbies, interests, personal growth, or often, what their friends […]

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A Fall Soup for your PCOS Symptoms

September 30, 2021

By: Kriszta Tiwari, Certified Holistic Nutritionist Why this recipe is soothing for PCOS symptoms: Brassicas: Cauliflower and kale are rich in folate, vitamin C, vitamin Bs, K, iron, copper, calcium […]

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Everything you wanted to know about PCOS.

August 22, 2021

WHAT IS PCOS? Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common cause of irregular menses in the United States and affects up to 1 in 10 women. While PCOS can […]

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Fertility Struggles and Stigmas in the Black Community

March 2, 2021

Infertility affects 12% of all women up to age 44, but research suggests that black women are twice as likely to experience infertility as white women. However, only 8% of […]

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Can Smoking Really Affect My Chances of Getting Pregnant?

January 13, 2019

By: Dr. Kara Ehlers Did you know that up to 13% of infertility might be caused by smoking? As a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist, I want my patients to be […]

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5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Fertility Health

November 20, 2017

High school health class is often the last fertility health education most people receive. For many women, the main focus of their early reproductive years is to avoid pregnancy. When […]

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Ask a Physician: What is minimal invasive gynecologic surgery?

December 15, 2020

I still remember the first time I ever saw a minimally invasive robotic surgery as an Ob/Gyn resident.  The patient was a young woman suffering from large tumors in her […]

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What to look out for if you think you may have PCOS.

April 8, 2020

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, is a common hormonal disorder. It is the most common reason that people will have irregular periods during their reproductive years. Here are some of the typical symptoms to look out for if you think you have PCOS

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