Women’s Health

Self-Advocacy in the Childbirth Journey

December 18, 2023

When we speak about Maternal Health Awareness in this country, we know that strong self-advocacy can be an integral factor in improving outcomes. While it may be daunting to speak […]

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My Personal Journey Towards Deeper Empathy in Fertility Care

November 1, 2023

In a candid exploration, a fertility doctor shares her personal experience with divorce, vulnerability, and healing. Dive deep into a story that highlights the intersections of personal struggles, patient care, and the shared journey towards hope and understanding.

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Breastfeeding 101: Navigating the Challenges, Joys, and Evolution of Mother’s Milk

September 5, 2023

Embark on a comprehensive journey into breastfeeding – an ancient yet deeply personal experience. From understanding the evolving phases of milk to the importance of workplace empathy, discover the intricate balance of bonding, nourishment, and growth that breastfeeding entails.

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The Menstrual Cycle

June 3, 2022

In order for individuals born with a uterus and ovaries to have the potential to become pregnant, they must have timely and adequate hormone stimulation during their menstrual cycle to […]

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What Makes a Mother?

May 5, 2022

What makes a mother? Are you a mother if you gave birth? If you had a C section? If you lost a child? If you had a miscarriage?  Are you […]

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7 Foods to Support Endometriosis

March 16, 2022

7 foods to support Endometriosis By Kriszta Tiwari Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women through their reproductive years. It is a complex chronic inflammatory disease with a myriad of symptoms […]

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Doctor Not Mrs.

March 8, 2022

I’m a physician married to a physician. Initially, I did not think I would face obstacles because of our dual career paths. I would soon learn, however, professional and personal […]

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The Importance of Proactive Fertility Care

February 14, 2022

Being proactive about your health is the highest form of self-care. How can you be proactive about your reproductive health today? That’s easy. Know the (biological) facts.  You are never […]

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Importance of Annual Fertility Assessments

January 6, 2022

By: Erica Keller – Kindbody Physician Assistant (San Fransisco) So you’ve completed your first Fertility Assessment appointment with Kindbody and you’ve been reassured that your ovarian reserve looks normal for […]

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Updated Vaccine Recommendations from Dr. Lynn Westphal

December 16, 2021

This post is current as of December 16, 2021 and will be updated as new CDC recommendations are released.  This article was medically reviewed and authored by Dr. Lynn Westphal, […]

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