Patient Journeys

Fertility & family-building experiences and stories told from the voice of individual community members.

Heaven and Ritta

August 29, 2023

Meet Heaven and Ritta, a Lesbian couple who faced a series of fertility obstacles, including fibroids and surgical complications that led to blocked fallopian tubes. In search of expert care, they discovered Kindbody and Dr. Nicole Browne. With the right medical guidance and support, they overcame these hurdles and successfully embarked on their journey to parenthood using IUI. Dive into their uplifting story to learn how Kindbody’s personalized approach helped turn their dream of a family into reality.

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Greta and Andreas

August 8, 2023

After three years, two miscarriages, and a failed round of IVF at another clinic, Greta and Andreas turned to Kindbody in Minneapolis and found their match in Dr. Fabiola Balmir. The couple had struggled with combined factor infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, but Kindbody’s empathetic approach and advanced treatment options—including IVF and Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing—offered a different kind of experience.

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Margo and Andrew

June 20, 2023

Meet Margo and Andrew, a remarkable couple who turned to Kindbody’s Milwaukee clinic to find answers to their infertility challenges. Under the attentive care of Dr. Ellen Hayes, they embarked on a course of IUI treatments that not only transformed their medical journey but also their spirits. ‘It felt like going to a friend’s house for every appointment,’ says Margo, highlighting the warmth and understanding they received. While every story has its own unique ups and downs, Margo and Andrew found a sense of community and expertise that empowered them to keep hope alive.

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Danielle and Marty

June 20, 2023

After being diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, and ovulatory dysfunction, Danielle faced years of challenges including IUI and IVF failures. A turning point came when her husband secured a job with infertility benefits, offering them a glimmer of hope. Guided by Dr. Amber Cooper, their path was fraught with setbacks and loss, but it also held moments of resilience and courage. After six emotional years, Danielle finally saw those two pink lines stay right where they were—leading to the birth of their miracle baby in August 2021.

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Allison and John

June 13, 2023

Allison and John initially sought fertility treatments at another facility where they underwent IUI procedures. However, the couple found a significant enhancement in their healthcare experience upon moving to Vios/Kindbody clinic in St. Louis.

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Megan and Keith

June 6, 2023

Meet Megan, a courageous Kindbody patient who faced the rollercoaster of infertility with unyielding resolve. Despite the hurdles of unexplained infertility, male factor conditions, and recurrent pregnancy loss, Megan never gave up hope. Thanks to the unwavering support of Dr. Aimee Seungdamrong and her ‘dream team’ at Kindbody, she explored various treatments from IUI and IVF to minimally invasive surgery and embryo testing.

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Teona and Eugene

June 1, 2023

Meet Teona and Eugene, resilient Kindbody IVF patients who triumphed over the hardships of unexplained infertility, ovulatory disorders, and PCOS. Navigating their path to parenthood wasn’t a smooth journey, but finding the right care under Dr. MacKenzie Purdy at our St. Louis clinic made all the difference. Teona chose Dr. Purdy, who has firsthand experience with IVF, to guide her through the intricate process of embryo testing and in vitro fertilization.

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Adriana and Gerardo

May 23, 2023

Meet Adriana and Gerardo: A story of triumph over infertility and PCOS, thanks to Dr. Deborah Ikhena-Abel and the compassionate team at Kindbody Austin. What sets their journey apart is their utilization of an invaluable employee benefit for fertility treatments. After a year of trying to conceive and unsuccessful treatments elsewhere, they found hope and expertise at Kindbody. Their first IVF cycle with Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing was a resounding success, culminating in the birth of their beautiful baby. Adriana says, ‘The staff—nurses, ultrasound techs, embryologists—everyone made the experience humane and kind. Our baby is a testament to their exceptional care.

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Good American’s Emma Grede on fertility struggles: knowing you’re not alone is key

April 27, 2023

Good American’s Emma Grede on fertility struggles: knowing you’re not alone is key In honor of National Infertility Awareness WeekⓇ (NIAW) Kindbody’s Dr. Angeline Beltsos, CEO, Clinical, sat down with […]

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Jennifer and Obi

April 11, 2023

Jennifer and Obi’s road to parenthood was far from smooth, stretching over four challenging years. Beginning with an unaided pregnancy that tragically ended in miscarriage, they decided to seek help from Kindbody. Jennifer underwent three IUIs—finding brief success before facing another miscarriage—before transitioning to IVF. Through the ups and downs, Kindbody’s personalized and nurturing approach made each tough decision feel a little less daunting. Their arduous journey culminated in joy as they welcomed their baby boy in October 2022.

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