Introducing our National Campaign with Tennis Pro, Sloane Stephens

One in six people suffer from infertility worldwide; meaning many individuals and families will need support in order to build their family, now—or far into the future. And, an increasing number of young professionals are curious and intent on managing their family building options proactively. However, for such a common reality, so much confusion, stigma and questions exist—from the process of learning how to manage one’s fertility options, to how to ensure one’s treatment is supported in with hands on, highly personalized and quality care. 

Kindbody’s mission from our earliest days has been to democratize access to fertility care. That’s why we worked with one of our amazing patients, and now, Brand Ambassadors, to launch our national campaign: Open the Doors. Over the next several months, we’ll share Sloane Stephens’ incredible personal story of how she’s balanced her remarkable professional tennis career with her other very personal goal, of building her family in the future. 

Our campaign starts with the TODAY Show this morning and features Sloane’s personal story as a Kindbody patient, and resources and educational support for all people navigating their fertility options, whether it’s immediate needs around IVF, or proactive planning around options like egg freezing. We want to ensure we do all we can to demystify the conversation about fertility, as well as increase access to all of those beginning their journey. You can check out Sloane’s story here and engage with the conversation about Fertility 101 with our own Dr. Roohi Jeelani, REI who supports Kindbody patients every day and seeks to simplify and support every patient at Kindbody.

To support our effort to provide education and access, Kindbody will also open up a very unique opportunity to reduce the cost of fertility treatments this Summer with our Open the Doors campaign. Check out our discounts here—and here’s to a confident, empowered journey ahead —wherever you are in your family building journey. 

Kindbody’s doors are open to you.

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