Building an employees’ benefit package is one of the most important decisions an organization will make for their workforce and their respective families. Though companies cannot—and should not—break the bank to provide financial coverage for fertility and family-building care, every company can do something to support their employees. Our Chief Innovation Officer Fahimeh Sasan recently sat down with BenefitBump, Securian Financial, and UrbanSitter for a conversation about developing benefits to better serve families. In this session she outlined the good, great, and exceptional ways employers can support their employees in their fertility and family-building journey.

What can employers do?


Analyze your current
benefits and goals

  • Are family-building benefits part of your strategic plan?
  • What are you hearing from your employees?
  • What is your current coverage?
  • Is your coverage equitable to all parenthood paths?
  • Do you have leadership support to enhance your family-building benefits?


Make immediate

  • Remove barriers to access and unintentional discrimination
  • Expand services to support all paths to parenthood
  • Start evaluating vendors who can improve your employees experience
  • Evaluate medical spend to understand NICU costs and high-risk maternity spend


Implement best in class fertility and family-building coverage

  • Provide benefits that are above industry benchmarking as a tool to attract & retain talent
  • Offer a program that truly supports the whole person and all paths to parenthood
  • Offering supplemental services to remove fragmentation in healthcare
  • Implement vendors that support a holistic approach similar to the team on the call today
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