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vios patients: welcome to kindbody

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frequently asked questions

vios patients: welcome to kindbody

As part of our ongoing plan to fully integrate Vios into the Kindbody brand, the Vios website has been moved to Kindbody.com. Patients can access their portal from this page or by clicking “LogIn” in the top right corner of Kindbody.com.

If you are looking to Schedule An Appointment at any Kindbody location (including the recently rebranded Vios locations), click here, and if you are looking to find your local clinic location, click here.

Still not sure where to go? Contact us for help (email navigator@kindbody.com).

You may see changes in your clinics as we modify the look and feel to align with the Kindbody brand. Please rest assured the environment will remain as welcoming and comfortable as you have come to expect.

You will soon be able to take advantage of Kindbody’s proprietary patient portal, EMR (electronic medical record), and telehealth platform.

You will not experience any disruptions in your individual care as a result of this transition.

Over time, we hope you will continue to see exciting developments in your patient experience as we thoughtfully integrate and evolve.

No, all tissue will remain in the same locations (unless you request for it to be moved) and will not be impacted by this rebranding effort.

You will not experience any disruptions in your care; your physician, care team, and treatment plans will not change.

Over time, we hope patients will see exciting developments as we thoughtfully integrate and evolve.

Kindbody and Vios are stronger together. We are unified by our shared mission to transform the fertility landscape through superior healthcare, innovative technology, expanded accessibility, and unparalleled patient experience.

The combination immediately doubles the size, reach, and scope of both companies and combines the deep experience and proven success in clinical operations, innovation, and scale of Vios with the cutting-edge technology and employer network of Kindbody.

By combining the power of Kindbody with Vios’s clinical expertise and experience in scaling clinical operations, we are furthering our commitment to quality care, best-in-class patient/member experience and increased access to care.

Kindbody’s proprietary patient portal, EMR (electronic medical record), and telehealth platform will be integrated into the expanded operations to ensure a seamless continuum of care.

The cost of care may change for many reasons and patients will be notified as changes pertain to them, prior to treatment start.

Your medical records will continue to remain in the patient portal and you can always request physical copies from your clinic location.



Yes, your Kindbody portal is separate from your Vios portal. If you are trying to access your patient portal, you can do so by selecting your office location here. Once you have selected your location, you will be prompted to log in. After logging in you will see three options on the top of the portal. The middle option will bring you to your portal.

No. Vios and Kindbody are already in progress to further expand the national footprint in additional markets