Kindbody’s Integrated Approach to Fertility and Family-building Care Provides Physical, Mental, and Emotional Support From Preconception to Postpartum and Beyond

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Kindbody Pregnancy, which offers personalized, holistic, virtual and in-person clinical care throughout pregnancy and beyond. With an integrated approach to fertility care, Kindbody provides physical, mental, and emotional support throughout the entire family-building journey from preconception to pregnancy and postpartum. Kindbody is the only fertility care company offering best-in-class technology, comprehensive virtual and in-person clinical care, and an employer benefits solution.

Women are leaving the workforce in droves. There has never been a more critical time to support their postpartum recovery and return to work plan,” said Annbeth Eschbach, President of Kindbody. “Kindbody is committed to supporting the mental, physical, and emotional health of women and families through direct care and our employer benefits solution.”

With Kindbody Pregnancy, each prospective parent receives a personalized care plan, with targeted educational content and online tools, and access to a clinical care team including board-certified Ob/Gyns, reproductive endocrinologists (REIs), nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and others to guide them through their pregnancy journey, prepare them for birth, and to answer questions every step of the way. Kindbody’s “whole person” continuous care model includes access to providers across the full spectrum of women’s and family health including mental health therapists, lactation consultants, doulas, nutritionists, life coaches, and physical therapists for pelvic floor support, as well as monitoring for pregnancy-related concerns, including postpartum depression.

“Early intervention and close monitoring throughout the pregnancy are instrumental to improving outcomes for both mother and baby,” said Dr. Fahimeh Sasan, Kindbody Founding Physician and Ob/Gyn. “Kindbody is transforming the postpartum ‘forgotten trimester’ by addressing the physical, emotional, and nutritional needs during this critical transition period after delivery. In the postpartum period, increased touch points not only help address issues with lactation, but are enormously impactful with early detection of postpartum depression, elevated blood pressure, and other physical issues that reduce readmissions to the hospital and improve maternal morbidity.”

With its integrated approach across the entire continuum of care, Kindbody ensures that patients have the physical, mental, and emotional support essential to a healthy and happy pregnancy, improving the patient experience, lowering healthcare costs, and delivering superior health outcomes. 

Kindbody is a new generation of women's health and fertility care. Providing you with the information you need to take control of your health and make the decisions that are right for you. We’re a community of healthcare providers, fertility specialists, and women who get it. We’re on a mission to democratize and de-stigmatize women’s health and fertility care, making it accessible, intuitive, and empowering.