• Clinical leaders at Kindbody, Dr. Lynn Westphal (Chief Medical Officer) and Dr. Angie Beltsos (Chief Executive Physician), are pictured above.

The launch of KindInstitute comes as the fertility clinic network celebrates five years of transforming fertility healthcare through first-class care and technology, including KindAI

NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kindbody, the leading national fertility clinic network and global family-building benefits provider for employers, announced today the launch of its new innovative training program, KindInstitute. In 2024, the Company will see its first cohort of fertility doctors graduate after completing rigorous didactic training and in-clinic technical training.

Addressing the Shortage of Healthcare Workers
This novel and progressive offering is designed to address the urgent need for high-quality reproductive care by training board-certified OB/GYNs in the clinical aspects of reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) medicine. It aims to solve industry-wide challenges which contribute to preventing the millions of Americans who need, but cannot afford, fertility care, disproportionately affecting minorities and those in underserved communities.

As part of its Certified Fertility Gynecologist (CFG) program, KindInstitute allows participants to fully leverage their skills as highly-trained surgeons and equips them to provide assistance in fertility practices nationwide, which will greatly expand access to care. Under the supervision of double-board certified REIs, the OB/GYNs participating in the program will perform retrievals, transfers, ultrasounds, surgical procedures, and manage patient care at Kindbody clinics. This also allows Kindbody REI physicians to devote more of their time to their patients, improving patient safety and outcomes, while increasing access to care.

“Kindbody was founded to create health equity in this country and make family-building more affordable. KindInstitute will spearhead this mission by increasing the number of physicians available,” said Dr. Angie Beltsos, Chief Executive Physician of Kindbody. “With the introduction of our institute, we are increasing accessibility and volume by training OB/GYNs and advanced practice providers so REIs (Reproductive Endocrinologists and Infertility specialists) who have historically treated 20-25 cases/month can increase that by 50% or more. In addition to training OB/GYNs, we’re expanding our online offerings in the new year, allowing our patients to take their appointments from the comfort of their homes at convenient times.”

How KindInstitute Will Make a Difference 
The KindInstitute will allow REI physicians to operate at the top of their license and lean into expert training by spending the majority of their time on case reviews, individual patient management, and addressing complex cases. Dr. Beltsos added, “Kindbody has invested in ensuring it has properly trained staff to provide patients the best experience and the best chance at success. REIs are a critical piece of providing care and we have over 500 KindWAYS (standard operating procedures based on clinical excellence) to optimize the delivery of care by the REI and clinical staff. Nurses and clinical staff also have a separate nurse curriculum to ensure we are providing the guidance and oversight that are required to provide the best experience.”

The Need for Fertility Care
According to “The Supply Demand Mismatch”, which was published in peer-reviewed medical journal Fertility & Sterility, in January, 2023, there were approximately 12.2 million people experiencing infertility in the United States and just 448 clinics, staffed by only 1,351 fellowship-trained REI physicians, many of them nearing retirement. While IVF demand has tripled over the last two decades, the number of reproductive endocrinologists has not kept up with the high volume of patients who need care. Millions of people are seeking reproductive healthcare and the need for these services is expected to continue to rise. Long wait times of 3-6 months to see a REI can do a disservice to a diminished ovarian reserve patient, since getting treatment quickly is critical to success.

Kindbody will continue to innovate by creating a more seamless, patient-centered fertility journey in 2024 to expand access to care. The company will double down on its investments in technology with the launch of KindAI, generative AI that will segment patients based on their diagnosis and then match them with the best provider and predict stimulating cycles. This is a natural extension of the company’s proprietary technology, KindEMR. The data collected over the last five years helps the AI continue to refine its predictability since with more volume, the better the prediction. Kindbody serves patients in all 50 states and globally; and, is poised to offer even more options for hybrid care, so patients can choose to have a mix of virtual and in-person appointments to increase care in underserved areas. All of these investments will be used to support Kindbody’s REI physicians, allowing them to see more patients, provide higher quality care and produce more successful outcomes.

Kindbody owns and operates 33 signature clinics throughout the U.S. in Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. To schedule an appointment, visit kindbody.com/book. Employers who wish to learn more about how Kindbody delivers the best patient experience and outcomes while reducing healthcare costs can contact solutions@kindbody.com.

About Kindbody
Kindbody is the leading national fertility clinic network and global family-building benefits provider for employers offering the full spectrum of reproductive care from preconception to postpartum through menopause. Kindbody is the trusted fertility benefits provider for 132 leading employers, covering almost 2.7 million lives. Many thousands more receive their fertility care directly from Kindbody throughout the country at signature clinics, mobile clinics, and partner clinics. As the fertility benefits provider, technology platform, and direct provider of care, Kindbody delivers a seamless, integrated experience with superior health outcomes at lower cost, making fertility care more affordable and accessible for all. Kindbody has raised $315 million in debt and equity funding from leading investors including Perceptive Advisors, JP Morgan Chase’s Morgan Health, GV (formerly Google Ventures), RRE Ventures, Claritas Health Ventures, Rock Springs Capital, Distributed Ventures, Whatif Ventures and TQ Ventures. Visit www.kindbody.com. and follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Linkedin.

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