NEW YORK, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kindbody, a leading fertility clinic network and family-building benefits provider for employers offering comprehensive virtual and in-person care, announced today the acquisition of Chicago-based Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR), a leading gestational surrogacy agency. The acquisition will bring gestational surrogacy in-house, delivering a seamless continuum of patient care. The ARR team will join Kindbody as part of its expanded KindEOS division, the company’s in-house egg and embryo donor program serving Kindbody patients. 

One in eight couples experience infertility in the U.S., outpacing diseases like diabetes and cancer. 63% of LGBTQ+ millennials are considering expanding their families, either becoming parents for the first time or by having more children, and may require third-party reproduction services to do so. ARR has been partnering with and supporting intended parents, gestational surrogates, and egg donors for more than 30 years. By bringing gestational surrogacy services in-house, Kindbody is able to leverage its end-to-end care delivery model, including its nationwide network of Kindbody signature clinics, to make the path to parenthood an easier and more affordable experience with better outcomes for Kindbody gestational surrogate clients and patients.

“The path to parenthood with gestational surrogacy is complex, expensive, and can last many months and even years,” said Greg Poulos, President of Kindbody. “By bringing gestational surrogacy in-house and integrating it with Kindbody’s care delivery model, we have the opportunity to dramatically improve conception chances, lower costs, and help our patients bring home a healthy baby as soon as possible. I am delighted to welcome the ARR team to the Kindbody family and look forward to having them join the KindEOS team.”

Kindbody aims to fix fertility healthcare in the U.S., which is fragmented, inequitable, expensive, and inaccessible to most. As the owner and operator of fertility clinics, Kindbody saves employers 25%-40% by contracting directly with them to provide comprehensive virtual and in-person fertility and family-building care to their employees. By removing the middleman and serving as the direct provider of care, Kindbody is uniquely positioned to provide a seamless continuum of care, decrease cost, improve patient experience, and deliver better health outcomes.

Kindbody owns and operates 28 signature clinics throughout the U.S. in California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Employers who wish to learn more about how Kindbody delivers the best patient experience and outcomes while driving down healthcare costs can contact If you are an intended parent or prospective gestational surrogate please contact 

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