June is a special time for the LGBTQ+ community — a month of celebration, reflection, and education. Here at Kindbody, we embrace community, diversity, and inclusion. We understand that the path to parenthood is not always straight and our team is on a mission to provide affordable and accessible family-building care for all. Today, we are highlighting how members of the Kindbody team are showing their Pride this month and what inspires them to bring their whole selves to work.

“From being an active duty military member to a lab scientist at the front lines of COVID, I have known that it takes bravery and kindness to change the world. The brave mission of making families attainable for everyone is what drew me to Kindbody. That’s how I show my Pride, by working everyday to build a place where my husband and I can start our family.” — Roberto Fontanez, Kindbody Lab Scientist

“Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community has never stopped me from dreaming of one day starting my own family. Knowing that health care teams exist who support, embody and share those same identities and experiences makes that dream so much more attainable – This is what makes my role at Kindbody so rewarding. I show my pride by being a part of a team that allows me to take an active role in redefining what family building looks like through the science that makes those dreams come true.” — Braulio Cappas, Lab Scientist

“The ability and freedom to be who I am and openly love the persons I choose without stigma and shame. At Kindbody, I get to be a part of an amazing team that also supports and assists the LGBTQ+ community. I show my pride by volunteering in outreach programs for the LGBTQ+ youth.” — Monique Arevalos, Medical Assistant

“I want to be the voice for my generation for those who feel it is too late to be true to themselves. It is never too late. I’m able to be myself knowing I can love freely, waking up everyday and live my truth with a second thought and be part of a great community of love. Knowing that my work with Kindbody helps and supports those of the community to achieve their dreams of having a family of their own.” — Venecia Nunez, Phlebotomist

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