How Kindbody has transitioned into virtual care. 

In this new normal, virtual healthcare is the way of the future. A virtual consult is a great way to start your fertility journey without physically coming to a Kindbody clinic.  At this virtual consultation we’ll use Zoom, which is HIPPA compliant, to chat with you about your health history and your fertility goals.  You can hop on anywhere that is convenient to you, just have a good internet connection and a working web camera because we would love to see you!  You could be anywhere – your home, your office, or even halfway across the world!  

How is a virtual consultation different from an in- person consultation?

During a virtual consultation we’ll go over important things like your health history, fertility goals and lay out the next steps to achieving those goals.  You will need to come in, whenever is convenient for you even if that’s when it’s safe to be out and about, for an assessment ultrasound and perhaps some blood work so that we can complete your ovarian reserve testing.   At in-person consultation, everything could happen at the same visit.

What is Ovarian Reserve Testing?

So glad you asked!  Ovarian Reserve Testing is the combination of blood work and ultrasound is used to assess your egg count and the health of your pelvic anatomy. Learn more about it by visiting our fertility 101 blogpost!

Are there any other tests that I can do virtually or from home?

Yes!  You can complete some of the testing from home as well.  Make sure to ask us about an at home AMH blood test kit, semen analysis kit, and genetic carrier screening test kit!

Is a virtual assessment a good option for me?

In these unusual times, a virtual assessment is a great option.  It’s an excellent way to get started with your fertility journey and obtain the information you need to make empowered decisions about your future.  Knowledge is power and knowledge that also includes social distancing is a win win!

Hina Ahmed, PAC
Hina Ahmed, PAC
Hina has 12+ years of experience in reproductive medicine. She has supported patients in all aspects of fertility diagnosis, assessment and treatment, and is highly skilled in performing ultrasound, IUI, endometrial biopsies, saline sonograms, HSG, and many other fertility related procedures. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Andrology and Embryology from EVMS (The Jones Institute). She has deep experience in all aspects of growing and managing clinical operations at fertility practices.