At Kindbody, we are a benefits administrator that is a provider first. Clinical staff with thousands of hours of medical practice experience. A CEO that founded the original employer benefit solution. A leadership team that has their own personal fertility journeys. A Chief Medical Officer that sat on the board of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. We are Kindbody.

Led by a veteran team of seasoned industry experts, the Kindbody solution was built from experience and with a solid understanding of the family planning and maternity space. We are a new solution, but we are designed from the wisdom of innovators with the hard earned knowledge of previous benefit solutions and company builds. 

We are the providers – Flexibility to quickly adopt the newest and most effective industry best practices enables our doctors to achieve quality outcomes that other solutions cannot. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to respond and pivot to the market as needs evolve and expand. 

We are the network – Centered around excellence, our curated network is built to enhance the member experience, with providers that meet a strict set of standards, backed by data and science. 

We are the technology – State of the art labs, proprietary EMR and member portal technology with real time data transparency, interactive treatment plan task lists, and more, create a seamless, modern, and provider-connected experience for our members. A far leap beyond some benefit administrators operating from spreadsheets and call centers.

We are the human touch – We know fertility and family building is stressful. It requires true empathy and support from providers, a comfortable environment, and a safe space for members to have intimate conversations and make decisions on what is best for their families. Kindbody has the ability to support patients fully wherever and whenever they need care, both virtually and in-clinic. 

Our expertise, ultra-modern technology, and strong commitment to a superior member experience have driven our successful, rapid deployment and evolution of Kindbody services. We are proud to serve our book of business, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses to individual consumers, expanding access to care and family-building for all. We have a new, modern, and upgraded solution to family building benefits. We put our experience to work.

Amy Ponting
Amy Ponting
Amy is a business strategist, working with Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, spanning multiple industries and roles, to create and implement outside-the-box approaches and drive organizational growth. With a unique array of professional experience, she joins the Kindbody team focused on presenting the market a family-building benefit that is unlike any other.