We were back in person and The Conference Board’s Annual Employee Healthcare Conference was a hit. Happy hours, networking, and meetings, all interspersed with a fantastic variety of educational sessions and roundtables led by top employers and thought leaders from the healthcare industry. Lyft Benefits Program Manager, Karen Hoang, joined Kindbody Founder and CEO, Gina Bartasi, to discuss Lyft’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion at The Conference Board’s Annual Employee Healthcare Conference this year. 

3 Key Takeaways:

Fertility and family-building benefits are table stakes, especially for Lyft’s younger employee demographic. 

  • Kindbody is identified as one of the benefits that differentiate Lyft from other companies. Karen discussed the strong partnership between the benefits team and Lyft’s corporate recruiters. 
  • Fertility and family-building benefits have consistently been used to attract top talent at Lyft. 
  • Lyft’s utilization rate is three and half times that of other Kindbody clients which demonstrates the demand and gravity of this benefit.

Expectations around member experience are rising, with a driving force being the millennial generation is becoming one of the healthcare industry’s primary consumers. 

  • A generation of people that are more diverse than ever before, millennials grew up with technology at their fingertips, Amazon and GrubHub at their doorstep, and companies like Lyft are offering solutions that will meet their lifestyle needs and expectations.
  • Kindbody’s proprietary member portal allows for online appointments, live chat, educational content, articles, videos, and treatment plans at patients’ fingertips, while the Patient Care Navigators and Clinical Care Team are there for those empathy-driven conversations when they arise.

80% of today’s millennial consumers prefer a female clinician.

  • “The diversity of the providers is very, very important to us. You can walk into a Kindbody clinic and see someone that looks like me or my friends and colleagues,” said Karen Hoang on the topic of provider diversity. 
  • As a benefits provider, Kindbody thoughtfully staffs its clinical team to meet its patient’s expectations, including a team of majority female clinicians and physicians. 
  • 60% of Kindbody fertility experts identify as BIPOC, offering the most diverse set of providers available in the fertility and family-building space.
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