Clinic: Arkansas
Doctor: Dr. MacKenzie Purdy
Conditions: Unexplained Infertility
Treatments: Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Journey to Parenthood: A Story of Hope and Gratitude

The Beginning of Our Journey

“Our family-building journey began in March 2021, and in May 2021 we suffered an ectopic pregnancy,” shared Lindsay and Clifton. This heartbreaking event marked the beginning of a long and challenging road to parenthood.

Seeking Help and Facing Challenges

“After our loss, we worked with our OBGYN and underwent several cycles of Clomid, all of which failed.” As the months passed, it became clear that they needed to explore other options. “At the two-year mark, we decided it was time to pursue IVF treatment.”

Our Experience with Kindbody

In the summer of 2023, Lindsay and Clifton started their IVF journey with Kindbody Arkansas, and “we had a wonderful IVF journey with KindBody AR in the summer of 2023, and we are so grateful to have graduated after one retrieval and one transfer.” The experience was nothing short of transformative. “Our rainbow baby was born in April 2024!”

Comfort and Care at the Clinic

One aspect that made their journey so comforting was the environment. “The clinic itself is very serene and feels more like a spa than a fertility clinic.” This atmosphere was incredibly comforting, especially for someone like Lindsay who has a lot of medical anxiety. “As someone with a lot of medical anxiety, this made our visits much more comfortable.”

Top-Notch Medical Care

“The medical care we received was truly top-notch, and Dr. Purdy, as well as all of the other physicians, nurses, embryologists, and staff we worked with were so kind and attentive.” Each visit was filled with compassion and professionalism, making their experience smooth and reassuring. “We loved our sonographer so much we wished we could take her with us!”

Smooth and Relaxed Process

“Egg retrieval and transfer day were both super smooth and relaxed, and monitoring appointments were quick and seamless.” The entire process was made easier by the supportive and efficient team at Kindbody. “We traveled out of state for treatment and our experience was worth every single mile.”

Our Dream Come True

Now, as they look at their daughter, Lindsay and Clifton are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. “Our daughter is finally here and she is our wildest dream come true.” The journey was challenging, but the outcome was everything they had hoped for and more. “We’ll never be able to thank our Kindbody team enough!”

Advice for Others Starting Their Journey

When we asked what advice they would give to others who are just starting their family-building journey, Lindsay shared these encouraging words: “You can do hard things! I’m only holding my daughter today because I decided to take a leap and do the scary thing, and then the next scary thing, and then the next. Take the process one step at a time, one day at a time. Celebrate the small wins and milestones as they come. Your journey is entirely your own, so try not to compare to the highs and lows of other people’s experiences. Make time for self-care, lean on the loved ones in your life, and know that there is a vast community of support out there if you want it.”

Finding Hope and Support

To anyone out there struggling with infertility, know that there is hope. Lindsay and Clifton’s story is a testament to the incredible possibilities that come with perseverance, the right support, and the unwavering dedication of a compassionate team. Thank you, Kindbody, for being their guiding light on this journey to parenthood.

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