Your Donor Egg Source

KindEOS is your source for an ideal egg donor, likely to provide a dramatic improvement to conception chances to help you bring home a healthy baby as soon as possible.

KindEOS's Unique Egg Donation Program Features

Concierge Consultative Support
Dedicated Financial Coordinator
Guarantees and Cost Bundle Offerings
Physician-Approved Options
  • Women with advanced reproductive age, or who are unable to become pregnant for other medical reasons
  • Same-sex couples and single individuals who want to become parents
  • Transgender patients seeking parenthood
  • Intended parents who have a risk of passing on a genetic disorder
  • Patients with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss following assisted reproduction technologies (ART) treatments
  • Oncofertility patients

The utilization of donor egg often requires financial planning as it is rarely covered by insurance.  In any case, you will have access to a dedicated financial coordinator who will be a resource and manager to help in every way possible. Additionally, KindEOS offers inclusive frozen lot packages with exciting guarantees and fresh offerings.

If you have Kindbody coverage through your employer, donor egg may be included in your plan; check with your benefits coordinator to confirm.

No, egg donation involves a qualifying woman relinquishing all rights and interests to any future conceived child.

Yes, in-depth research has found no differences in the quality of parent-child relationships when comparing families built with donor egg and those without.

Yes, if you are already a Kindbody patient, you may receive immediate access to our donor pool.

KindEOS offers both fresh and frozen options. Your provider as well As KindEOS’ attentive staff are available to guide your decision making. Relevant considerations include: cost, level of coordination, individual chances of success, preferred donor and immediacy of availability.

Next Steps For Hopeful Parents

If you are a Kindbody patient interested in working with an egg donor, building your family with donated embryos, or being matched with a gestational carrier, we invite you to take the next steps.

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KindEos recruits and screens egg donors, ensuring that recipient cycles are not slowed down by unnecessary delays. We proudly offer Kindbody patients access to both fresh cycle and frozen lot options.

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Learn More About Building Your Family With Donated Embryos

Our goal is to make the process of embryo donation and in selecting and utilizing donated embryos as easy and seamless as possible for our intended parents.

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Annual reporting indicates that nearly 6-9% of all IVF patients utilize donor eggs.

Using an egg donor can result in a dramatic improvement in conception. For some, selecting an egg donor is an exciting step towards becoming a parent. For others, the guidance to seek an egg donor is a disappointing experience. Wherever you are in your journey or in processing your emotions, KindEOS is here to make the procurement of your egg or embryo an easy and informed experience.