Clinic: Princeton
Kindbody Doctor: Dr. Aimee Seungdamrong
Treatment: IUI, Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing,  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Polypectomy
Conditions: Male Factor Infertility

Hilary’s Journey Begins: A Beautiful and Trendy Clinic

“I was really intimidated to start our fertility journey,” Hilary shares candidly. Her apprehension was not uncommon, and she had heard stories about Kindbody—a clinic known for its beautiful and trendy environment, designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. Despite her initial hesitation, she and her husband decided to take the leap.

Stepping through the doors of Kindbody, they were greeted with an unexpected surprise. “It was not only beautiful, but the staff was friendly, and the music was so upbeat you couldn’t help but dance,” Hilary recalls, reflecting on her first impression of the clinic.

Male Factor Infertility Diagnosis: The Journey Ahead

After thorough testing, Hilary and her husband received the diagnosis of Male Factor Infertility. It was a moment that confirmed there would be many months, and possibly years, ahead with Kindbody. Undaunted, Hilary embarked on her fertility journey with determination.

Starting with an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), she quickly transitioned to IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) due to the severity of the male factor infertility. Despite the challenges, they were fortunate to have seven healthy genetically tested embryos. The path ahead was uncertain, but Hilary was resolute in her pursuit of parenthood.

The First Transfer: A Lesson in Resilience

The journey was not without its setbacks. The first embryo transfer did not yield the desired result, but Kindbody was there to offer support and options. “Kindbody provided options on how to move forward and included me in every step of the treatment planning,” Hilary notes.

Determined to understand why the first transfer didn’t succeed, Hilary and the Kindbody team embarked on a journey of discovery. A mock transfer was performed to identify the correct medication for her unique body, leading to a new regimen for a successful transfer.

The Joyous Arrival: Meeting Their Baby Girl

After almost two years, 61 appointments, and countless emotions, Hilary and her husband celebrated a momentous achievement—the arrival of their baby girl. The journey had been long and challenging, but their dream of becoming parents had come true.

Leaving Kindbody’s Warm Embrace

Graduating from Kindbody’s care was undoubtedly bittersweet for Hilary. She had grown to love her sonographer, nurses, and doctors—it had become their second home. Kindbody was the place where their dream became a reality, and the support they received was immeasurable.

Looking Ahead to Expanding Their Family

As Hilary reflects on her journey, she expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the safety, understanding, and support she found at Kindbody. Her eyes are set on the future, with plans to continue expanding her family in the years to come. She eagerly anticipates the day when Kindbody will welcome them home once again.

What Hilary Appreciated About Kindbody

“I appreciated the warm environment that was created by both the staff and overall office vibe,” Hilary notes. The clinic’s atmosphere was one of positivity and encouragement, where even challenging days were lightened by music and spontaneous dances with the team. It made each step of the journey feel more manageable.

Advice for Other Patients

Hilary’s journey was not without its tough moments, and she offers valuable advice to others on a similar path. “Build strong relationships with your treatment team,” she advises. There will be days when doubts creep in, and on those days, the Kindbody team will be there to provide strength and remind you of what you’re fighting for. Ask questions and seek support because, as Hilary shares, the journey may be tough, but it’s undeniably worth it when you’re holding your Kindbaby in your arms.

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