We’re redefining the patient portal to speak your language.

Accessible healthcare has a lot to do with lowering price tags, (which we’ve previously discussed here), but it also has a lot to do with approachability, transparency, and convenience. When we launched the Kindbody Portal in November of last year, we were the first clinic in the country that allowed you to book fertility services completely online. Crazy, right? I’m both proud and ashamed to share that.

The bar has been too low for too long for delivering healthcare in an accessible way.

Because we build the software for your medical records (called an EMR) in-house, we not only have complete quality control over your care team’s workflow (more on that later), but we can also deliver you the information to your secure Portal exactly when and how you want it.

Our patients are enjoying many of the Portal additions that we’ve launched, and here’s just a peek at some of them:

Your results, explained.

You went to the doctor and had a bunch of “tests.” What’s next? Often times you’ll get a call from the doctor’s office (usually while you are at work, probably in a meeting), verbally delivering a bunch of numbers to you over the phone. You’re overwhelmed, scrambling for a pen to take notes, and start Googling questions as soon as you hang up. Other times, you’ll get a dump of those numbers in your old school patient portal and you’ll then need to play phone tag with your doctor to understand the takeaways.

At Kindbody, we share your results as soon as the doctor has reviewed and released them to you so you can understand them on your own time, and with proper explanations and tools to contextualize what they mean. This includes ranges for what “normal” is, commentary on recommended next steps from your doctor, and in some cases, calculators so you can do your own math.
Still want to talk to a live human? Your care team is at your disposal. And that’s another reason why online results is great for you and for us — removing all of those unnecessary phone calls saves time and resources for the necessary ones.

This is one of the many ways we make women’s healthcare more accessible.

At-home care planning

Kindbody Portal

Particularly for our fertility services, there are a ton of things you need to do at home both before and during any fertility treatment. We provide step-by-step materials during your visit, but your personalized instructions come straight from your chart into your portal. You’ll see each of your medications with name, dose, written and video instructions from your care team, as well as a to-do list of any additional tests or actions you need to take. No one ever said fertility treatments were a walk in the park, but we’re removing the pain of managing them.

Transparent math

The fertility misconceptions abound, so we’ve taken the most common research studies used by fertility doctors every day, and made them into easy-to-use calculators. These help answer questions like:

  • How many eggs will I need for one baby? (Hint: it’s a lot more than 1)
  • What’s a “normal” number of eggs for my age?
  • How many eggs can I expect based on my fertility assessment?
  • How does my age affect egg quality?
  • Will I need to do more than one cycle?

You need personalized answers to these questions to make the best decision for yourself.

We’re on a mission to make healthcare technology that’s truly accessible in the ways that you need it, and works directly with your medical care. Let us know how we’re doing! We’d love to hear from you.

Joanne Schneider
Joanne Schneider
Co-founder and Head of Product Joanne is a product builder, storyteller, and data junkie on a mission to use data and user-centered design to improve clinician decision-making and patient experience. She runs tight meetings, conducts amateur research on gut bacteria, and her desk is lined with essential oils and tinctures. Ask her about which wellness fads are here to stay, or how we can speed up our understanding of the human body. She earned her stripes at Google, Bridgewater Associates, and Flatiron Health.