Kindbody partnership builds on Accolade’s commitment to offer best-in-class women’s health, fertility and family-forming capabilities for customers and members

SEATTLE, January 23, 2024 — Accolade, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACCD) today announced that Kindbody, a technology-driven fertility clinic network and family-building benefits provider for employers, will join the company’s Trusted Partner Ecosystem to offer Accolade customers comprehensive, clinically guided support and care throughout a member’s fertility and family-building journey, all backed by a new cost savings performance guarantee.

Approximately one in six couples are affected by infertility in the United States. Yet fertility and family-building services are fragmented and siloed, and employees often struggle to find support in the workplace when facing infertility and subsequent treatment, as many employer-based insurance plans do not cover the high cost of fertility treatment.

Kindbody addresses these issues by providing affordable fertility care and delivering a seamless, integrated experience with best-in-class outcomes. Kindbody’s physician-led clinical model supports the end-to-end fertility and family-building journey, bringing care to members everywhere by offering virtual and onsite care, mobile clinics, and at-home testing. Kindbody delivers this model through a combination of owned and operated signature clinics and hundreds of partner clinics nationwide. Kindbody’s model is unique in that it is the only family-building benefits provider for employers that is also in the direct provision of care.

Kindbody covers the full continuum of reproductive health through female and male fertility assessments, education, and services, including genetic testing and IVF, as well as donor, surrogacy, and adoption services. Members also have access to integrative holistic health specialists, from therapists to nutritional health practitioners, through a convenient virtual telehealth platform. Other services Kindbody offers include pregnancy, baby preparation, and maternity support, virtual doula care, and return to work coaching. Additionally, Kindbody supports all facets of health related to perimenopause and menopause with a network of integrated providers and curated digital tools and resources.

“Fertility care is increasingly expensive and challenging to access,” said Accolade Chief Medical Officer Dr. Connie Hwang. “Partnering with Kindbody offers Accolade an opportunity to build on our commitment to bridge the Physician Gap by offering best-in-class women’s health, fertility, and family-building solutions to our customers, through both in-house programming and strategic collaboration with our Trusted Partners. Kindbody shares our commitment to provide comprehensive, affordable, and integrated clinical solutions and together we will provide our shared customers with better support for fertility and family-building services.”

“Kindbody is on a mission to reinvent the delivery of reproductive health and fertility care by providing an accessible network of clinics, tech-enabled services, and integrated health solutions to members,” said Kindbody CEO Annbeth Eschbach. “We are excited about partnering with Accolade to help increase awareness of Kindbody’s solution across members we jointly serve and ultimately improve access to an essential healthcare benefit by reaching more employers.”

Joint customers of Accolade and Kindbody will benefit from integrations designed to promote awareness of Kindbody’s services, at no incremental cost to customers. For example, women’s health concerns are one of the top reasons members seek out Accolade’s expert medical opinion service, which reinforces the value of Accolade’s expert medical opinion integrations with Kindbody and its other Trusted Partners.

Additionally, Kindbody is going a step farther for Accolade customers by offering a performance guarantee in which the average cost per member who utilizes Kindbody is capped at a substantial discount to the industry average. Through this guarantee and Kindbody’s proven ability to generate savings while delivering best-in-class outcomes, employers can be confident their employees are receiving high quality services at affordable rates.
Launched in 2019, Accolade’s Trusted Partner Ecosystem is the first in the industry to bring together multiple benefits solutions across valued categories, making them available to employers through a single front door. Accolade’s ecosystem consists of 16 partners across 11 categories, including:
Behavioral health (Headspace, Lyra, Equip)
Benefits selection (Jellyvision)
Centers of excellence (Carrum Health, Employer Direct Healthcare)
Diabetes (Virta)
Fertility (Carrot Fertility, Kindbody)
Financial health (Brightside)
Gastrointestinal (Vivante Health)
Health equity (FOLX)
Musculoskeletal (Hinge Health, Sword Health)
Pharmacy (Rx Savings Solutions)
Wellness (WellRight)

Benefits teams can confidently select from thoroughly vetted solutions and enjoy streamlined contracting and implementation. Through our qualified referrals, we drive, measurably, more engagement with partner solutions, leading to better health outcomes and better value. Learn more about our Trusted Partners here.

About Accolade 
Accolade (Nasdaq: ACCD) is a Personalized Healthcare company that provides millions of people and their families with exceptional healthcare experiences so they can live their healthiest lives. Accolade’s employer, health plan, and consumer solutions combine virtual primary care and mental health, expert medical opinion, and best-in-class care navigation. These offerings are built on a platform that is engineered to care through predictive engagement of population health needs, proactive care that improves outcomes and cost savings, and by addressing barriers to access and continuity of care. Accolade consistently receives consumer satisfaction ratings of over 90%. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn, X, Instagram and Facebook.

About Kindbody
Kindbody is the leading national fertility clinic network and global family-building benefits provider for employers offering the full spectrum of reproductive care from preconception to postpartum through menopause. Kindbody is the trusted fertility benefits provider for 132 leading employers, covering almost 2.7 million lives. Many thousands more receive their fertility care directly from Kindbody throughout the country at signature clinics, mobile clinics, and partner clinics. As the fertility benefits provider, technology platform, and direct provider of care, Kindbody delivers a seamless, integrated experience with superior health outcomes at lower cost, making fertility care more affordable and accessible for all. Kindbody has raised $315 million in debt and equity funding from leading investors including Perceptive Advisors, JP Morgan Chase’s Morgan Health, GV (formerly Google Ventures), RRE Ventures, Claritas Health Ventures, Rock Springs Capital, Distributed Ventures, Whatif Ventures and TQ Ventures. Visit and follow us on Instagram, X, and Linkedin.


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Kindbody is a new generation of women's health and fertility care. Providing you with the information you need to take control of your health and make the decisions that are right for you. We’re a community of healthcare providers, fertility specialists, and women who get it. We’re on a mission to democratize and de-stigmatize women’s health and fertility care, making it accessible, intuitive, and empowering.