High school health class is often the last fertility health education most people receive. For many women, the main focus of their early reproductive years is to avoid pregnancy. When they’re finally ready to start a family, it isn’t always as easy as they expect. Take these 5 points, read them, share them and take control of your future. Knowledge is power.

  1. EGG QUALITY AND QUANTITY DECREASES WITH AGE. You’ve heard the phrase “your biological clock is ticking” but what does that really mean? A girl is born with 1-2 million eggs and by the time she hits puberty she has about 250,000-500,000. At age 30-35 a woman has around 25,000 eggs and enters menopause when she has less than 1,000 eggs.
  2. THE PULSE FERTILITY WELLNESS CHECK UP is a simple blood test and ultrasound that gives you an overall view of your fertility health and future fertility potential. By electing to do this testing, you can have piece of mind about your future plans or catch a potential issue at an earlier age when there are more options for intervention. Learn more about the Pulse!
  3. 1 IN 6 COUPLES EXPERIENCE TROUBLE GETTING PREGNANT OR STAYING PREGNANT. Infertility is more common than most think. Simply knowing this statistic allows you to be proactive in your fertility health, and be supportive of friends and family who may be having trouble conceiving.
  4. AVERAGE TIME TRYING TO CONCEIVE: women < 35 years old are recommended to try for up to one year, woman >35 years old are recommended to try for six months before seeking help. However, if you have irregular periods or feel like something is “off,” seek consultation immediately.
  5. IF YOU AREN’T READY FOR CHILDREN, FREEZE YOUR EGGS! You may want children, but not right now. Egg freezing allows you to pursue other goals without giving up your dreams of parenthood! Learn more about egg freezing.

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