Get started with a virtual assessment.

For those looking to better understand their fertility from the comfort of their homes. You will meet with a fertility specialist to discuss the fertility fundamentals and a plan for your fertility journey. Your lab work and ultrasound will be completed at our partner clinic in Denver.

What's included

Virtual Fertility Assessments are covered by most major insurance plans and include fertility hormone testing, ultrasound, and 1:1 consultation with a fertility specialist. Assessments include all of the below, but laboratory fees may be extra if not covered by insurance.


Step 1

Virtual appointment with a fertility specialist

You will have a 1:1 virtual appointment with one of our fertility specialists to discuss your fertility and family-building goals as well as your family and medical history (your age, lifestyle, medical history, and genetic background can all contribute to your fertility). We will also review the fertility fundamentals!

Step 2

Visit our partner clinic

You will visit our partner clinic to get some blood work done. We will look at your levels of the AMH hormone, which is produced in your ovaries and is one of the most reliable measures of your ovarian reserve. We will also perform a transvaginal ultrasound that lets us count the number of egg cells in your ovaries.

Step 3

Follow-up call

You will have a follow up virtual appointment with your fertility specialist who will give you a personalized plan based on your results and your personal fertility goals.