Lisa Mussak, L.Ac

Orchid Chinese Medicine serves as Milwaukee’s oldest acupuncture practice dedicated to the treatment of reproductive health.

We primarily work with those looking for support with fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum wellness, but we also help our patients to achieve healthier menstrual cycles and more enjoyable periods.

Each of our providers has over 15 years of professional experience in working with conception, including those undergoing Western fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF.

We are proud to be the home to 2 of only 4 acupuncturists in Wisconsin with specialty board certification (ABORM) for fertility care. Put simply, this means that you are partnering with dedicated providers who have undergone extensive training to bring you the best in fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal support.

Our providers partner with you in creating an individualized plan of safe, natural and effective treatment. For those looking to conceive, our goal is not just pregnancy and birth, but also a healthy, empowered, and joyful experience.