Larry Leisure

Advisory Board Member

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Larry Leisure brings over four decades of experience in the healthcare services and management industry to Chicago Pacific Founders. The CPF team has united top names in the health field, and Larry is no exception. His oversight and influence have been the driving force behind a number of successes across multiple companies on the leading edge of health tech and managed care. Providing better care at a fairer price point has been his guiding motivation, one that’s brought him real success in identifying and improving areas of need in the industry.

As the Co-Founder and Former Chairman of ADVI’s Reimbursement and Health Policy Advisory Services, he worked with a dynamic executive team in the fields of Life Science, Managed Care, and Digital Health. In a field where cutting-edge technology can transform the world, his experience guided some of the most forward-thinking firms with an eye on bringing true benefit to patients, professionals, and investors alike. In addition to ADVI , he co-founded, Healthspottr, which gathers some of the most innovative minds in healthcare and health tech to drive beneficial change in the industry as well as the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR) which brings together the largest and most progressive global employers.

Since early in his career, Larry has provided leadership and careful oversight in both large, high-powered firms and more dynamic startups. As the global managing partner of Health Services at Accenture, he was able to draw upon an institutional wealth of knowledge to hone his leadership and management skills, a formative experience that would provide valuable as he used his skills to elevate exciting new groups in the field. He also served as an Operating Partner and senior advisor to Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, the venerable Silicon Valley venture capital firm.