Be Kind Lyfe

Return To Work, Life & Career Coaching Virtual Coaching

Kindness is the way we come together and transform how we thrive in a diverse world. With that diversity, often includes stress, uncertainty, and a struggle to maintain a work-life balance in a way that enables you to thrive in and out of the workplace. Whether you are a new parent returning to work after leave, returning from a sabbatical, or searching for support on how to navigate unique challenges in any stage of your life, we are here to guide you along the way.

With combined experience of 40 years, our dedicated Return to Work, Life and Career Coaches, Andrea (Andie) Herbert, MBA and Rachael Gass, MS, CPC, BCC, PMP excel in developing and executing strategy through relationship building and engaging, energizing and mentoring you. They place high value on listening, empathizing, and connecting with a diverse group of people. This is what makes our Coaches talented mentors and strategic executors.