Donor Sperm

Donor sperm can be used by individuals and couples who are experiencing infertility due to male infertility. Single women, same sex couples, and sexually intimate couples with male factor infertility are those that most often use a sperm donor.

Utilization of donor sperm is a method used by single women, same-sex female couples, and hetero couples with a male factor medical challenge to conception.

Donor Sperm

Pregnancy outcomes utilizing donor sperm are high. Barring other complications, some studies indicate that the probability of pregnancy with donor sperm exceeded 80%, with maternal age acting as the most significant influence on pregnancy outcomes. (Source)

 Treatment with donor sperm can provide a less expensive and less invasive options to single women and lesbian couples. It can also solve for  unexplained infertility and known male contribution infertility.  

The number of vials of sperm you will need is dependent on your prognosis and treatment path. It is also important to plan for any future children you may want, if having full siblings is important to you.

Kindbody does not have an in-house sperm donor program, but we do work closely with strictly vetted partners whom we recommend our patients consider.

Costs can vary as reputable sperm banks set their own prices. As a general guide, a vial of donor sperm can range between $900 – $1,000 plus shipping costs.