Amy Bennett

Therapist (MD) & Adoption Coach (All Locations)

Amy Bennett believes that it takes courage to live authentically and to live authentically is to plumb the breadth and depth of human existence with all of its inherent joy and pain. We can
acknowledge that suffering is part of the human journey and that these struggles are inevitable, but also opportunities for growth and greater wellness. To Amy, it’s a privilege to
provide compassionate companionship in times of difficulty, struggle, and suffering and in times of
growth, change, and celebration.
Amy provides integrative clinical mental health counseling for individuals, couples,
families, and small groups. Counseling is provided from an eclectic theoretical perspective with an
emphasis in existential and cognitive-behavioral theory.
She believes holistic treatment is the most efficacious mode of therapy. Thus, a client’s
wellness is addressed inclusive of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors.

Amy Bennett, MA, LGPC, NCC is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist serving Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Her specialties include: Collaborative Problem Solving, Trauma Care, Integrative Counseling PTSD, Adoption and Attachment Related Issues, and Biofeedback.