Thais Varzoni


The Third Party Consultation is a necessary step in our patient’s donor or surrogacy cycle. With that said, rest assured that this is not a pass/fail or a fitness test for parenting. Instead, it’s meant to help our patients understand the unique challenges associated with their cycle, feel understood, and be well prepared for all the emotions that can surface during this time, their pregnancy, and beyond.

Thais is a Licensed Therapist certified by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and have extensive experience working with multiple IVF centers and egg banks. 

In addition, Thais has the compassion and expertise to meet patients where they are and help them navigate through their fertility journey.  With virtual appointments offered from the comfort of your home, she makes that part of this process easy, so you and your care team can concentrate on other tasks knowing that this piece of the puzzle is taken care of for you.