Karen Chernekoff

Licensed Therapist, California

Karen is a mental health professional, licensed as a Marital and Family Therapist with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education, and a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. Combining her education and clinical experience with her passion for medical science Karen focused the last 25 years in Third-Party Reproduction ~ helping build families requiring gamete donation and/or gestational surrogacy.

The role and services of a mental health provider is subject to the unique needs of each client. People using ART/Assisted Reproductive Technology come with different histories, challenges, questions, and concerns. Talking through important emotional considerations helps provide both a solid foundation for medical efforts and a clear path forward in the midst of a complex journey.

Services provided include psychological interviews for all parties, IVF consultations, education, resources, and emotional support. In addition to meeting with clients Karen interacts with physicians, family law attorneys, donor/surrogate agencies, and clinical staff to offer each client the best “team” approach.

Building families is both a professional and personal endeavor. Karen with her husband Dennis share the joys and challenges of parenting their twin teens (a result of IVF and egg donation). The family resides in Orange County, California and together they enjoy traveling, sports, being in nature, and spending time with friends.

Azusa Pacific University, Adjunct professor. Teaching several graduate courses for the Department of Professional Psychology, including Introduction to Clinical Practice and Legal, Ethical, and Moral Issues for Marital and Family Therapists.

AAMFT / American Association of Marital and Family Therapists
ASRM / American Society Reproductive Medicine/Mental Health Professionals
SEEDS / Society for Ethics, Egg Donation & Surrogacy