Dr. Shawn Breen, PhD, HCLD (ABB)

Regional Laboratory Director, Clinical Laboratory Program Director

Dr. Shawn Breen, a graduate of the University of Illinois, has been in the field of reproductive medicine for over two decades. With extensive research laboratory experience, Dr. Breen has designed numerous research trials and authored many scientific and popular press publications. Dr. Breen’s work has focused on understanding and controlling fertility, prevention of infertility, and improving IVF outcomes.

Dr. Breen’s experience ranges from applied to basic research using animal models, extension education, teaching/mentoring students and medical fellows, to clinical human reproductive laboratories. Her pre-doctoral research work at the University of Illinois focused on the development of non-invasive ultrasound methodologies for determining and measuring fertility in large animals. Her postdoctoral research at the University of Iowa led her to the development and use of knockout and transgenic mouse models to understand the control of ovulation via LH receptor through Ga subunit signaling, earning her an individual NIH NRSA fellowship.

Dr. Breen joined Kindbody because she believes in the KIND mission to provide more personalized and compassionate fertility care that is accessible and affordable for all while embracing technology and innovation.