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We offer the full suite of fertility services, and ancillary wellness services, to support women at every step in their fertility journey.

Fertility Services

Fertility Assessment

Our fertility assessment is the first step of the egg freezing or IVF process, or just a way to get more informed about your fertility. It includes a blood test for fertility hormones, an ultrasound of your ovaries, and a personalized plan for your next steps.

Pricing: $300

Egg Freezing

One egg freezing “cycle” takes around two weeks from the day you start medication to your egg retrieval. The cost includes the fertility assessment, ovarian stimulation monitoring, egg retrieval, and one year of storage.

Pricing: $6,000 for 1 Cycle


An IVF cycle takes about one month from the day you start medication to your pregnancy test. The cost includes the fertility assessment, semen preparation, ovarian stimulation monitoring, egg retrieval procedure, fertilization and culture of the eggs, and embryo transfer procedure.

Pricing: $12,500 for 1 Cycle

Prices do not include the cost of medications or blood work (if not covered by insurance).

Financing plans available upon request.

Wellness Services

We offer virtual wellness coaching and mental health therapy to support women in their egg freezing or IVF journeys, women with PCOS or other hormone imbalances, and anyone who wants to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Therapy Session (Virtual)

We specialize in working with women going through life transitions and stressful experiences – whether it involves fertility treatments, identity, career, adulthood, marriage, or parenthood. At each session, we prioritize the ground you want to cover, and move at a pace that works for you. Our goal is to work together to deepen your ability to trust in yourself, your voice, and your ability to seek a comfortable resolution.

Pricing: $200 for 1 Hour Session

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Wellness Coaching (Virtual)

In a one-on-one, 60-minute consultation, we review your detailed Health History form. It’s a deep dive into your family and personal health, including sleep, digestion, cycle and diet, as well as your health goals and concerns. This allows us to identify areas that you can address to optimize your overall health, fertility and wellness.

Pricing: $200 for 1st Consultation

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Additional Services

We offer the full range of fertility services, including IUI, embryo freezing, and embryo transfers.

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