Your fertility benefits provider.

NFP now offers Kindbody as a fertility benefit. You’ll receive 2 fertility cycles through your benefit, in addition to fertility medication coverage, fertility check-ups, and more. Use the code given to you by NFP to activate your membership today.



What does your benefit include?

Your Kindbody benefit includes full-service family planning care, including fertility assessments, egg freezing, and IVF and wellness services, as well fertility medication coverage.

Fertility assessments and consultation
Fertility cycles inclusive of medication.
Wellness Services for Pre and Post Partum Care
Fertility medication coverage.
A consolidated reproductive health record.
On-demand chat with your care team.
Discounted wellnessservices up to 10% off.
Discounted supplements & retail.
Access to community events.

How to apply your benefit.

To take advantage, use the code given to you by NFP to sign up for your membership at no cost. You can book all of your fertility appointments from there.

Meet Kindbody

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Explore the latest on fertility topics, how to’s, events and support groups.

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Best-in-class clinicians. Personalized care plans. Superior success rates.

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Conveniently located. Seamless patient portal. Online scheduling and results.

Get Started

Get started with a virtual or in-clinic assessment.

Please activate your Kindbody benefit before scheduling an appointment. Both virtual and in-clinic assessments are covered by your benefit.

Virtual Consultation

A consultation with a Fertility Specialist to review your medical history, family planning goals, and create a personalized fertility plan.

Covered by Your Benefit

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In-Clinic Assessment

A full assessment with a Fertility Specialist, including a personalized consultation, vaginal ultrasound and fertility hormone bloodwork.

Covered by Your Benefit

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