In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Technology

Advancements in IVF treatment have helped millions of people build their families. As the IVF technology landscape continues to evolve, new techniques, testing options, and treatments, are boosting patient success rates higher than ever before. From new developments in genetic testing and embryo freezing to automation in cryopreservation and monitoring, IVF therapies have significantly improved patient outcomes.

At Kindbody, we continue to invest in enhancing care through advanced technologies and participate in leading research and development opportunities because in a field where time is a factor, our patients need innovative care now.

Our Commitment To Innovation

At Kindbody, we consider it essential to provide the most advanced technologies to help every patient find fertility health and treatment with the highest chance of success. We are deeply committed to innovation because we know that advancements in treatment can benefit patients in many ways, including improved outcomes. This is why Kindbody continues to invest in enhancing care through advanced technologies as well as participate in leading research and development opportunities.

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(The Vios Fertility Institute is now Kindbody.)

Kindbody IVF Technologies

As patients increasingly turn to IVF to help build their families, Kindbody offers a wide range of treatment options. We continually strive to safely and efficiently introduce new technologies into our processes that ultimately give our patients the best chances of success.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

Genetics play a vital role in conception and can also impact your child’s health. Many IVF patients choose to do genetic testing, which can increase your chances of pregnancy by improving conditions for implantation. Embryos that are pre-tested for chromosomal abnormalities or genetic disorders can also reduce your chances of miscarriage. Kindbody offers a variety of genetic testing options to ensure we select the highest quality embryos available during the IVF process and give you the best chance of delivering a healthy baby.

Egg Grading

For women who choose IVF treatment or opt for elective egg freezing (followed by IVF), Kindbody offers cutting-edge automated “egg grading” technology to instantaneously evaluate the quality of each egg. Violet is an innovative image analysis tool that is non-invasive and predicts the outcome for an individual egg with almost 90% accuracy, giving you greater transparency into your personal chances of success for IVF treatment. This valuable information helps our fertility specialists to personalize your care plan to help you meet your family building goals.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

In addition to conventional IVF, in which the egg is placed into a dish with many sperm to allow for fertilization to occur, Kindbody offers intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Performed in our labs, this procedure fertilizes each egg by injecting a single sperm directly into it. ICSI is often recommended to help patients if fertilization was unsuccessful for previous IVF cycles or to overcome male factor issues such as semen quality or number. At Kindbody, our compassionate team of fertility specialists will work with you to evaluate all available options and help you determine the best treatment path to meet your family building goals.

Sperm Processing

Processing the semen sample is an important part of assisted reproduction treatments (ART). Using the best, healthiest sperm increases your chances of success for treatments like IUIIVF, and ICSI to help create a healthy embryo and a successful pregnancy. At Kindbody, we offer Zymōt, the most advanced technology available to process semen, using the sperm’s natural swimming ability to separate your healthiest, best performing sperm from the rest.


With growing numbers of men and women choosing to freeze (or cryopreserve) their sperm, eggs, and embryos, patients have more control than ever to determine when to begin building a family. This freedom to manage your personal reproductive timeline reflects incredible advancements in technology. Kindbody offers the most advanced cryopreservation techniques, vitrification, in order to increase success rates for our patients. We invest in the most advanced technologies, including being the first fertility clinic in the world to offer the TMRW “cryo-robot” to ensure the perfect environment, reduce risk, and give our patients peace of mind. TMRW has created the first and only automated platform for the management, identification, and storage of the frozen eggs and embryos used in IVF.
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Find Fertility Success With The Kindbody Labs

At Kindbody, we place the highest priority on our IVF laboratory environment, procedures, and the cryogenic systems that store frozen eggs, embryos, sperm and other tissue. Our rigorous operating procedures are standardized across all locations and our comprehensive quality and safety measures include daily physical inspections, separate and redundant alarm systems, and emergency backup power sources.
Our laboratories are staffed with highly trained scientists that are all well-practiced in maintaining a safe and effective cryogenic environment. We take time to continually challenge ourselves with frequent educational opportunities as well as reexamining flow and process as we strive for the best practice of IVF laboratory techniques.

Kindbody Research And Development

As the technology landscape for reproductive medicine continues to evolve, Kindbody is committed to remaining at the forefront of fertility innovation. We partner with major academic institutions and organizations to trial the most advanced treatment options because our patients deserve the absolute best standard of care. We believe the future of fertility is the intersection of personalized care and precision medicine: giving patients access to the most innovative treatment options while providing evidence-based, customized care to meet each individual’s needs.
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