Double stimulation in the same ovarian cycle, DuoStim is a protocol for patients with low ovarian reserve going through IVF.
DuoStim is a new protocol designed to increase the number of oocytes retrieved in one menstrual cycle.
Unlike traditional IVF protocols, patients undergo a single round of ovarian stimulation with medications and egg retrieval in one menstrual cycle, during the DuoStim protocol patients undergo two rounds of ovarian stimulation and two egg retrievals in the same menstrual cycle.
Ovaries typically produce multiple waves of follicles each month, DuoStim protocol is designed to take advantage of that.
The DuoStim protocol uses the wave theory by doing a second round of stimulation and medication after the first egg retrieval, allowing a second egg retrieval in the same menstrual cycle. The results suggest that, on average, a woman will develop one or two more follicles with the second part of DuoStim compared with the first.
Embryos achieved during the DuoStim protocol need to be frozen, and therefore must be transferred in a frozen embryo transfer.
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