Donor sperm

Donor sperm can be used by individuals and couples who are experiencing infertility due to male infertility. Single women, same sex couples, and sexually intimate couples with male factor infertility are those that most often use a sperm donor.

Known Vs. Anonymous Donor Sperm

When deciding on a sperm donor it is important to understand what is needed if using a known donor. A known sperm donor can fall into two categories. A personal friend willing to donate his sperm to the requesting individual or an anonymous donor through a certified sperm bank.
If choosing a personal friend, or known donor, a legal donor contract is a must. This legal document should outline the specifics of the situation and what is expected of each party. Most commonly the documentation shows that the sperm donor has no rights to any child born from his sperm. He also has no financial responsibilities for any children conceived using his donated sperm. This documentation is put in place to protect the best interests of both parties. Legal documentation is already in place when choosing an anonymous sperm donor through a certified sperm bank.

Certified Sperm Banks
We recommend working with a certified sperm bank. Below is a list of cryobanks that we currently accept anonymous sperm donor specimens from. This is a small representation of the available cryobanks. This list, by no means, constitutes the only options for choice of donor sperm. If selecting from a facility not on this list, please contact the lab prior to purchasing to ensure proper documentation.

How much sperm do I need?
The number of vials of sperm you will need is dependent on your prognosis and treatment path. It is also important to plan for any future children you may want, if having full siblings is important to you. Sperm donors are limited in the number of donations they can make. Once the vials from a particular donor are claimed that donor is no longer available. If you know you want future siblings to have the same donor, you will need to purchase enough vials to keep some cryopreserved for future use.
During your initial consultation, our physicians can help you plan the number of vials you will likely need for treatment now and in the future. Prior to purchasing the vials, you will need to coordinate the shipping and storage with our laboratory in ensure timely shipping and receiving. One often overlooked cost associated with donor sperm is shipping costs. The cost of shipping frozen vials can quickly add up if multiple vials are eventually needed. We provide short term (5 years) storage in our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory for a yearly fee. If long term storage (indefinite) is needed, we can refer you to one of our partners.

To learn more about using donor sperm in your treatment plan, schedule a consultation today.

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