Janene Oleaga

Janene Oleaga

Janene Oleaga, Esq. founded Oleaga Law LLC to assist LGBTQ+ individuals and those struggling with infertility to grow their families through assisted reproductive technology, third-party reproduction, surrogacy, and adoption. She represents individuals and couples in every phase of surrogacy, embryo donation, egg donation, sperm donation, and adoption. Janene is a member of RESOLVE New England, the American Bar Association's ART & Adoption Law Committee, Human Rights Campaign, and is a former board member of MaineShare. She is licensed to practice in New York and Maine.

LGBTQ+ Family Building Options: Assisted Reproduction

February 2, 2021

It is never a bad idea to bring awareness to our internal lives, an effort that should be routine, but rarely is in our fast paced culture.

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